Skylight Repair & Replacement

Your skylights are a beautiful touch to the elegance and light mood of your home; but when your skylights crack, break, or begin to leak, they can become a nightmare that no one wants to deal with. At Quantum Roofing, our team of professionals can repair your skylight to like-new condition quickly and conveniently to restore your home’s beauty and protection. Our experienced team can also add that skylight you’ve been thinking about for years using high-quality products that will stand up to the elements. When you need skylight repair in Asheville, NC, or if you are considering adding a skylight to your home, call our experts at 828-808-5955.

Skylight Installation

When Your Shylight Is Cracked or Leaking, Call Our Experts to Help.


Common Problems With Skylights

While they can have multiple benefits such as producing natural light and adding style to your home, skylights may need to be repaired from time to time. Throughout the years, your skylight seal could become brittle from extreme temperatures and begin to leak, causing damage to your roof and attic. Our technicians can replace your seal to effectively eliminate any leaks and restore the protection of your skylight.
Another common problem with skylights is cracking or breaking from hail or debris collision. This can happen during storms or from overhanging branches that break and fall onto your roof. Our professionals will evaluate your skylight and discuss your repair or replacement options, offering the highest quality windows and glass available. We offer styles that are tinted, reinforced, and tempered to ensure you always get the exact look and protection you want. When you need skylight repair around Asheville, NC that’s dependable and affordable, call our professionals first.

Exceptional Service at a Great Price

Our technicians are trained and certified to offer you the best service available. We have established deep-seeded working relationships with multiple local suppliers to deliver only top quality materials for lasting beauty and protection. We will walk you through each step of your project to ensure your complete satisfaction with every repair.

Are you thinking of having a skylight installed in your home, but not sure where to start? Our team can help! We are experienced in every type of skylight installation, from small natural light additions to larger sunroom setups. Our professionals will guide you through the process, explaining the details and benefits of each product, as well as timelines and production requirements. We can help you achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of in your home with our expert skylight installation and skylight repair service, offered throughout Asheville, NC.

Our technicians will repair your skylights to new quality, or install new skylights that will provide beauty and protection for years. Our first-rate products and experienced technicians provide superior roofing services and customer service that can’t be beaten. If you would like to know more about skylight installation, or if you need quality skylight repair in Asheville, NC, call our experts at 828-808-5955 today to schedule your consultation.