Siding Repair Services

Is your house dealing with concerns due to deteriorating or cracked siding? Don’t wait, consider siding repair today. Your siding protects your dwelling from weather, and it is critical that you maintain it adequately. Siding for your home can be picked up in a wide variety of products and types and offers many benefits for your home.

Home Siding

Our expert technicians can provide information and service for your perfect finished product.

Siding repairs in Arden, NC are available by contacting Quantum Roofing at 828-808-5955. Our roofing staff partners their abilities and understanding with honesty and customer care.


The Advantages Of Home Siding

Siding is available in many different materials, including vinyl, aluminum, and cedar. All siding is made to shield your home from the elements, and most siding materials reflect the UV rays from the sun to raise the energy efficiency of your house. Siding materials are available in a range of colors, but the pastel hues offer greater energy efficiency advantages for homes in warmer climates. Are you interested in hearing more regarding your selections for siding installation in Arden, NC? Then phone our roofing contractors now!

How to Determine if Your Siding is Broken

You may have difficulty finding siding damage, but there are some simple signs you can look for to find it before it gets really bad. Aging is one of the more common reasons for new siding installation, and it can generally be discovered through color loss or distorting of the siding panels. Warped panels allow moisture into your home, which can cause mold to grow. when you have water that is building up between the siding, it will create water stains on your siding panels. Don’t merely wash away water spots. Try to determine where the water is coming from so you can have someone resolve the issue. The caulking and screws in your siding can also be able to show you if there is an issue anywhere. Corroded nails or chipped caulking should be fixed.

Our professionals will inspect your siding, along with your soffit and fascia and your rain gutters, to ensure that your entire system is working together for optimal results. When you need comprehensive siding repair and roofing care, call the Quantum Roofing professionals to complete your siding repair in Arden, NC, then phone 828-808-5955.