Architectural Shingle Installation

The creation of architectural shingles marked a big step forward for everyday roofing systems. The many benefits of these shingles, which are completely identifiable from typical asphalt shingles, incorporate upgraded design possibilities. At Quantum Roofing, we encourage everyone in need of premium roofing solutions to strongly think about architectural shingles. As the nearby leaders for architectural shingles, we can provide premier installation of this revolutionary material.

Architectural Shingles Installation

When you want a classic look with a little something extra, architectural shingles may be right for you.

As a superior choice for straightforward efficiency in a roofing material, it’s difficult to supersede these shingles. Improved durability stands as just one of the benefits architectural shingles, also called dimensional, laminate, or composite shingles, offer over the standard variety.

Architectural Shingles and Their Benefits

Architectural shingle roofs offer many advantages for residences and homeowners. Selecting a roofing material through Quantum Roofing assures that a structure owner knows all the benefits of their choice. If you choose an architectural shingle roof, you will enjoy the following advantages for your house.

Cost: An architectural shingle roofing system is cheaper than further luxury selections such as slate shingles or cedar shake. The improved hardiness of the architectural variety makes them a smart option compared to more economical asphalt shingles. The lessened upkeep and rare need of replacement allow them to compensate for across the years the added expense of installation.

Durability: Average roof shingles present only one layer of roofing installed on the underlying wood. Architectural shingle roofing has multiple tiers constructed from refined, stronger asphalt. While average shingles only get rated for gusts of wind up to 80 mph, the architectural variety can withstand winds of 120 mph.

Appearance: Aside from a variety of styles and colors, manufacturers will even create architectural shingles that lend the look of other materials. They also need less upkeep than other roofing options.

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The pick of materials for a new roof has a pronounced influence on the installation’s cost. Greater durability and greatly reduced upkeep needs permit these shingles to compensate for their higher cost. We are ready at any time at 828-808-5955 to explain more about architectural shingles and their benefits. Quantum Roofing establishes the bar for the application of architectural shingles in Arden, NC.