How To Know When Roof Repair Is Covered By Your Insurance

graphic with the quote How To Know When Roof Repair Is Covered By Your Insurance

A quality, well-maintained roof is a source of both beauty and protection for your entire home. Wind, water, heat, and miscellaneous debris are the typical causes of roof wear and tear, which for the most part, is mild and expected over the lifetime of a standard roof. However, sometimes a particularly damaging event necessitates repair or replacement well before the usual life cycle of your roof. One of the first questions you might ask yourself is: is roof repair covered by insurance? And how do you go about starting a storm damage roof claim?

How Insurance Works for Roof Repairs

To answer, “is roof repair covered by insurance?” you should first determine what caused the damage. Most policies do not cover normal wear and tear or manufacturing defects. In the latter case, you could be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

In the event of inclement weather, such as a severe storm with high winds, heavy rain, or hail—damage is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. The same goes for fire events and damage caused by falling trees. One caveat is damage caused by an unhealthy tree which should have been removed per normal maintenance expectations. In that case, your insurer may deny the claim due to negligence.

Keep this in mind when determining whether roof repair is covered by insurance: Insurance covers accidental or sudden situations. It won’t cover damage traced back to lack of maintenance or negligence, even if unintended.

What to do After a Storm or Other Damaging Event

Perform a visual inspection of your roof from ground level or a short ladder—it’s better to leave climbing onto a roof to the professionals. 

Things to look for include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Creased shingles
  • Round-shaped divots from hail
  • A large pile of shingle granules on the ground near the downspout after a storm
  • Debris remnants on the roof (tree branches, etc.)
  • Leaks appearing inside after a weather event

If you notice any significant damage which could lead to water infiltration, it’s time to start a claim.

How to Start a Storm Damage Roof Claim

After a storm, it’s recommended to document visible damage with pictures and video immediately. Contact a trusted roofer to inspect the roof. They will point out the areas of damage, including ones you might have missed. They will also provide an estimate for repairs or replacement. This information is useful when dealing with your adjuster and insurance company. You want to make sure nothing is missed, and all potentially covered damage is noted.

Then, review your policy to clarify what is covered, the deductible amount, and the coverage dollar amount. This will help during talks with your insurer and leave no doubt regarding, “is the roof repair covered by insurance?”

Then, contact your insurer, who could clear up what is and isn’t covered according to your policy should you have any questions. If you move forward with a claim, they will issue you a claim number and schedule an inspection by an adjuster. 

Work with Your Roofer AND Insurance Agent on Claims

Each policy differs in what it covers. How much you end up paying put-of-pocket depends on the contract’s fine print and the deductible. Policies will differ from state to state. Good contractors could also advocate on your behalf, providing documentation to support your claimed damages.

After the adjuster completes his or her damage assessment and submits it, the insurance company will review it to determine how much should be paid to the homeowner. Remember that this amount comes after the deductible is met (what you pay out-of-pocket). During this process, the insurer might request more information or documentation. Stay on top of their requests to keep everything moving forward.

Once the claim is finalized, your insurance company will issue you a check. You can formalize a contract with your roofing contractor and have the work done to restore or replace your roof.

It pays to consult with an experienced, knowledgeable, and bonded roofing contractor before filing a storm damage roof claim.

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