What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Standing Seam Metal Roof, Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Look Good With Any Home

Have you ever noticed that when your shirt gets snagged as you are cleaning around your house that it doesn’t rip? Even if you had turned to do something else and felt it tug hard, it still is able to withstand the pressure. Your shirt’s ability to not rip is due to the strength of the seams that hold your shirt together. These seams are stitched/interlocked together, creating a hardy material that does not give way to pressure. I bet your mouth will drop to the floor if I tell you that you can have a roof that takes advantage of the same principle as your shirt. A Standing Seam Metal Roof is durable and it has more resistance to tearing than the seams in your shirt.

What Does Standing Seam Mean?

Standing Seam refers to the concealed fastener panel system that holds the roof together. It is seamed together, and depending on the type of fastening system, gives the roof extra resistance to tear and helps protect it from storm damage, which is a nightmare for other roofing materials.

Types of Fastener Systems

In order to understand standing seam metal roofs better, it is important to understand the different fastener panel systems. There are four types of fastening panel systems, and some even come with their own sub-types, meaning that they can be broken down into further categories. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry, we have taken the time to go through each of the options with you.


Snap-lock fasteners are built with two legs to create a seam that can be fastened together without the use of mechanical engineering. This is done to keep the installation costs lower than other fastening panel systems, as the amount of time and energy needed to install it is pretty low. It is a hardy seam that can withstand most environments without breaking down. It should be noted that this type of fastening panel system is generally only used for pitched roofs.

Mechanical Lock

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Can Be Used On Industrial Buildings As Well As Residential

A mechanical lock is split between two sub-types, a single lock, and a double lock. Both of these fastener types need mechanical seaming during installation, to ensure that the mechanisms are securely snapped into place. This helps maintain the stability of your roof.

Single Lock only has one fold in its seam, (hence the name). Even though it does not offer the amount of durability as the double lock, it is suitable for milder environments. The advantage of having a single lock is that the installation cost is cheaper and it is generally easier to have repairs done to this type of roof, as it isn’t too hard to undo the lock on the seam.

Double Lock has two seams. (Again, the name helps remind you of this fact.) This type of standing metal seam roof was built to help protect homes that have a low slope. It is ideal for older homes that are in desperate need of extra weather protection. Thanks to the double lock, the seam does not become easily undone, helping them to withstand high winds and debris. The only downside to this is that a double lock standing seam metal roof makes it difficult for roofers to repair, as it takes another jolt of a machine to undo the locks. This makes the cost of labor a bit higher.

Batten Panel

Batten panels are locking mechanisms that are reinforced with caps to shield them from inclement weather. There are two different types of caps that are dependent on what type of environment your home is in.

Tee Seam is watertight as installers mechanically press them into place. A sealant is used to give them more resistance to driving rain and wind, making them more suitable to harsher environments. The caps can easily be removed allowing for the roofers to replace broken or damaged panels that need to be replaced without much hassle. This helps keep the cost of repairs down.

Snap Cap is snapped into place by hand as opposed to a machine. This lowers the cost of installation and the snap cap looks good on any roof. The only downside to the snap cap is that in extreme environments, the cap can become loose and slide off, leaving your roof exposed to the elements. This type of roof is more efficient in a milder environment.

Nail Flange

This is the most recognizable type of fastener panels for residential use as they have the lowest installation cost. This low cost does come at a price, as they tend to fail under intense weather. An area that experiences dramatic changes in temperature should be especially wary, as the pins to allow the metal to expand and contract easily. This could lead to damage to the pin, the fastener, or the panels.

Standing Seam Over Shingles

Standing seam metal roofs are more stable than shingles and last a whole lot longer. On average, a shingle roof will last a homeowner between 15-25 years, depending on the type of roof. A standing seam metal roof, on the other hand, can live up to 50 years old, or longer, depending on wear and how well it was maintained.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Are Watertight and Durable.

The benefits of having a standing seam metal roof highly outweigh the cost of installation. They are watertight, help with insulation which keeps your energy bills low, they are not as hard to maintain, have a long life-span, and they provide all the hardiness of metal but with added security with the fastener system.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Still, have more questions about standing seam metal roof installation?

Check out these most commonly asked questions below.

  1. Are Standing Seam Metal Roofs Noisy?
    1. As with all metal roofs, rain tapping on the metal panels can be a bit noisy, but not as noisy as a broken garbage disposal. This can be combatted with some added insulation or padding underneath the roof installation.
  2. What Is The Most Common Metal Roof?
    1. A galvanized metal roof is the most commonly used metal roof.
  3. How Much Does It Cost To Install A Standing Seam Metal Roof?
    1. Depending on the fastener panel you decide to install on your roof, the price could be anywhere from $800-1,250 per square.

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