Watch for Roof Problems When You Handle Your Christmas Lights

Christmas will be here shortly. If you haven’t hung your lights already, then you may be getting ready to do so. You will also have to take them down at the end of the season. Both of these occasions are times for you to take a look around and check for roof problems that you may not have otherwise seen. While this sounds like taking a bit of the joy out of the task, catching these problems means you can get them fixed and save yourself some trouble.


House with Xmas Lights at Night

Watch for Roof Problems When You Handle Your Christmas Lights.

As you hang those lights on the edge of your roof, watch for cracks. Cracked shingles and tiles, missing shingles, and other related items are all potential problems for you that are easy to miss if you’re not looking for them. Winter winds can make things worse by blowing other loose shingles away. Call a roofer to fix them today.

Bad Ventilation

Your roof has a ventilation system that is necessary to keep your attic and roof at comfortable and safe temperatures. Damaged ventilation will hurt your ability to keep snow and ice from causing roof damage, and may affect your home’s heat. Look for broken turbines and dented grating.

Dents and Bumps

Dents in your roof, or lumps could be signs of many problems. Don’t leave them to sit, and if you see one, don’t test it; you might break it. Call a roofer immediately to have it inspected.

No one wants to discover roof problems, particularly when they’re doing fun, holiday-related tasks. But, since you probably don’t get up to your roof often, it is as good a time as any to catch and solve issues. Call the roofers of Quantum Roofing today at 828-808-5955 when you need professional roofers.

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