8 Steps To Expect During Your Roof Replacement Project

8 steps to expect during your roof replacement project

When your roof needs to be replaced, knowing how it’s done can be helpful. Roof replacements are major home improvement projects, which can be stressful for homeowners. Understanding what to expect in your roof replacement every step of the way can help you feel more at ease.

1. First Inspection

The roof replacement process starts with the first inspection of your roof. Your roofers will thoroughly check your roof to determine an estimate for your project. This can vary based on factors such as your roof’s slope and whether any layers need to be removed. They’ll also inspect your roof to see if there is any water damage or other damage to fix first.

2. Provide an Estimate

After doing an initial inspection, your roofers provide an estimate for your roof replacement. This estimate should include detailed information about what will be done during the roof project. You’ll have a chance to look over your estimate and ask your roofers any questions. Open communication between you and your roofers throughout your project is essential. Keep in mind your roofers should also be upfront about the cost of your project and not charge any hidden fees.

3. Order the Materials

As part of accepting the estimate and signing a contract, you will be choosing roof materials in this step. Your roofers can work with you to make sure the best material and the right colors are selected for your new roof. Once you choose roofing materials, your roofers will place an order for them and have them drop-shipped to your home.

4. Schedule the Work

After the materials have been ordered, you’ll receive a call to schedule the work. You and your roofers will choose an available date. Getting closer to the replacement, it might be necessary to reschedule if storms, extreme temperatures, or other weather conditions are forecast. Roofers need to be able to replace your roof in safe conditions.

5. Tear Off the Old Roof

When your roofers arrive on the scheduled date for your roof replacement, they’ll get started by taking steps to make sure the worksite is ready for your new roof. This involves protecting your landscaping, yard, doors, and windows. Next, they’ll tear everything off your roof and dispose of it.

6. Replace Layers

Additional layers of shingles are always replaced. Part of your roof replacement might include having some or all the decking removed and replaced. For example, your roofers might discover rotted decking after tearing off the old roof. Removing damaged or worn layers can add time to your roof replacement, but it’s essential to make sure all layers and components of your new roof are in good condition. Underlayment and ice and water barrier is always replaced. This helps your new roof last longer while also lowering the risk of having water damage or other damage occur.

7. Install the New Roof

During this step, your roofers will properly install your new roof. The amount of time this takes can vary based on different factors. While some roof replacements can be done in a day, others take longer to complete. The following factors can affect how long your project takes overall:

  • The size of your roof
  • The amount of detail work needed, such as valleys and ventilation
  • The slope of your roof

8. Clean Up and Final Inspection

Your new roof being installed isn’t the end of your project. Roof replacements tend to produce a lot of waste, which needs to be cleaned up. Your roofers will handle cleaning up nails, shingles, and other materials as part of your roof replacement.

Once your property has been cleaned, your roofers will do a final inspection. This inspection is critical to ensure your new roof has been properly installed. If they find any problems with your new roof, they should take care of these. During this final step, you should bring up any concerns or ask questions about your new roof, such as how often to have maintenance done to keep it in good condition.

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