The New Look of Metal Roofing

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For years, metal roofing has been considered to be a rustic but durable roofing solution. While it has many advantages, many homeowners didn’t want to install a metal roof because of its appearance. However, time has made way for a brand new metal roof selection that provides aesthetics and performance like never before.

Metal Shingle Roofing

These shingles, constructed from durable steel or aluminum, provide protection for years as well as offering a classic, traditional appearance. Available in looks such as tile, slate, and even traditional shingles, these shingles are sturdy enough to withstand high winds, extreme temperatures, and even water and impact while providing a beautiful, one of a kind look. Metal shingles are long-lasting and strong like typical metal roofing and can provide decades of worry-free home protection.

Standing Seam Options

While the basic design of this metal material doesn’t differ much from traditional metal roofing, the extreme resilience to water leaks and variable appearance make it a great residential roofing choice. These panels are able to be painted and cut for a truly unique roof for your home.

Traditional Metal

While some homeowners prefer the standard appearance of shingles or tile, others enjoy the unique appearance of a traditional metal roof. With today’s metal roofing advancements, there are more selections than ever to provide that perfect look. Each type of traditional metal roofing offers extreme benefits that can’t be beaten while offering a metal sheet appearance that’s rustic and modern.

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