How do you repair broken siding?

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The Reason for Siding

What is a siding purpose on a home? The critical purpose of siding on a home is protected. In conjunction with the foundation and roof, the complete package protects the contents and occupants within it from the elements. It is that level of protection that makes it essential to have any siding repair needed doing correctly and promptly. 

Siding is a popular choice for homes today for a few reasons. There are several types of siding available, including aluminum, cedar, and vinyl. It can be a reasonable cost, depending on which material you choose. It comes in a variety of colors, and it is one of the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient. Experienced contractors efficiently to do siding installation and repair, and a DIY homeowner can do siding repair in most cases. 

Four Popular Types of Siding

As we mentioned above, there are several types of siding, and choosing one can take time. Here, we have listed the five we found to be the most popular: 

  • Vinyl – available in a wide range of colors, styles, and texture at moderate pricing, it is easy to see why this is the most common and popular siding. Repair of vinyl is easy, or you can replace a whole strip if needed.  The estimated lifespan of vinyl siding is fifty years. 
  • Wood – another siding that is available in a range of finishes, styles, and textures and is moderately priced as well. One downside to wood siding is that you do need to choose a paint color and will have to refresh the paint every five years or so. If proper ventilation is not in place, moisture becomes a problem with wood siding. However, this type of siding, repair for moisture damaged piece isn’t difficult.
  • Metal – with this siding, repairs are minimal as long as maintenance and upkeeps are done as needed.  Aluminum metal siding is modestly priced, and an uncoated steel metal siding is a little more expensive. It does dent quickly, but replacing a panel isn’t difficult. 
  • Fiber Cement – when installed professionally, this siding looks like natural wood and is an extremely durable material, making siding repair worries non-existent. It is a more expensive siding, but the low maintenance, insect-resistant, rot-resistant, and has a lifespan of 50 years make it worth the extra cost. 

How many years does siding last?

Most home exteriors will need refreshing or updating after twenty to thirty years. Even brick will need repointing, and metal may need some replacement panels. Changing or updating the siding on the house can give it a completely new look and increase the value at the same time. It is vital to choose a siding that has the least amount of siding repair needs and one that will give you the most extended lifespan so that you get the most significant ROI possible. 

When should you replace siding?

  • Siding repair jobs are sufficient for a long while, but eventually, the climate and environment will take its toll on siding and replacing it is the best solution. Here are seven indications that it is time:
  • Rot: When the siding on your home is starting to crumble from rot, it is no longer proving your family or contents the protection it should. Circumscribed damage, siding repair is feasible. However, when the rot has started spreading, siding repair isn’t enough. It is time to replace it with a rot-resistant type of siding. 
  • Cracks, Gaps, Holes: These things make a home unsightly, and they are compromising the structure, allowing moisture to penetrate to the house. Those cracks, gaps, and holes also are giving critters, insects, and rodents a smooth entry. Siding repair may fix it, but if it happens again, replace the siding. 
  • Overload Maintenance: If you’re spending as much or more time with siding repair, then it may be time to consider a replacement upgrade to a low-maintenance vinyl. You don’t want to spend your time painting and refinishing every five years, and a new siding will give your home a new look. 
  • Bills Skyrocket: If you are noticing your utility bills have skyrocketed recently, but if there isn’t any visible damage, look for other issues that could be underperforming. Are the exterior electrical outlets and walls drafty? New siding will make a difference and save you money on cooling and heating your house. 
  • Hazards Hidden: Walk around the exterior of your home and check the siding up close, top to bottom. If you see any bulges or warped areas, you need to shop for new siding. 
  • Moisture, Mildew, Mold: If you have found any moisture buildup, there is mildew, mold, and rot nearby. If your find damaged siding as the cause or is an area that you have completed siding repair several times, and there isn’t any apparent reason, it’s an excellent time to consider siding replacement. 
  • Improved Resale Value: If you’re considering placing your house on the market, new siding will bring you a higher dollar for the property, and that is money that you’ll get most of it back with the sale. 
siding repair in progress

Why siding repair and How Do You Know You Need New Siding or Siding Repair? 

Siding damage isn’t always visible at first glance; sometimes, you have to investigate a little more.  However, the visible siding repair should be repaired as soon as you notice the damage. Why? Because it will become a bigger problem when the small critters, insects, and rodents start making their way through the cracks, gaps, and holes, not to mention moisture that leads to mildew and mold. 

We listed seven indications that are telling you siding repair isn’t enough. Any of the things we discussed above are telling you that new siding is needed. A power wash will make it look better, but it isn’t always the cure. Check the caulking and screws too, make sure your siding is secure to the house. 

Can siding be repaired? And Can you patch siding?

The answer to both is yes, siding repair and siding patching are both possible in most cases. It will depend on the type of siding and the type of damage. Vinyl siding is durable, sturdy material, but is not permanent. A falling tree branch or a baseball can crack it quickly, but no worries! Vinyl siding is one siding material that siding repair can be done in 30 minutes or less. The downside, the older the vinyl, the harder it will be to find the exact color match. 

How do you fix water damaged siding?

Siding repair for water damage is going to depend on the type of siding. For a hardboard siding, remove the damaged siding, the sheathing, and the framing. Then replace all of it, this will make sure that you have removed all water damage possible. A new wood siding replacement can be painted to match existing or repaint the entire house! 

adding new siding

Closing Thoughts

Siding for a house may not seem to be an essential component, but it provides many things that you’ll realize you’ve been missing. Like fewer drafts and more money! Give us a call today at 828-808-5955 for more about siding repair in Arden, NC.

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