How Can You Choose The Best Roofing Contractor?

How Can  You Choose the Best Roofing Contractor

Carrying out roofing work is a dangerous job, and it’s costly to homeowners. Therefore, it is essential to find a reliable roofer who works to the highest standards. Finding the right contractor for the job ranks as one of the top challenges homeowners face.

A simple online search on “how to choose the best roofer” pulls up so many roofing contractor results, each with a website and guarantees they are the best in your area. But how do you ensure you select the right one? A reliable roofer significantly reduces your roofing costs in the long term because they do excellent work, whether it’s roof inspection, repairs, replacement, or installation.

You can look out for several different things when considering which roofer to hire in your area. Unfortunately, roofing work does not come cheap. It ranks as one of the highest homeowner costs, second only to large kitchen or bathroom renovation projects. Therefore, it’s worth taking your time to do some research beforehand to find a dependable roofer.

Here are eight ways you can know you have hired a great roofer:

1. Check for Licensing and Insurance

Roofing work is dangerous, and you want a roofer with the proper licensing and insurance. First, check if the roofer has a license and whether it’s up-to-date by asking them and later contacting the license board. A license shows the roofing contractor is serious about their work and remains up-to-date on all the industry requirements to perform their job well.

Also, check if the roofer is insured. Worker’s compensation provides coverage if a contractor or their technicians get injured on the job, while general liability insurance protects your home should it get damaged.

2. Check Qualifications and Accreditations

It is also recommended to check a potential roofer’s qualifications and accreditations beforehand. Also, look at the level of training the contractor has attained and the certifications they hold under their belt. Some roofing manufacturers offer specific product training to installers for proper installation. The more qualifications and accreditations the roofer has, the more trustworthy and reliable they are.

3. Hire Local and Reliable Contractors

Are they local contractors with a rich history in your area of residence? Hiring a local contractor has several benefits:

  • It is easier to contact and follow up with them if there is a problem in the future. A five-year warranty is perfect, but it does not help if you cannot track the roofer down later.
  • Local roofers are familiar with your area’s code regulations and rules, avoiding problems during construction.
  • Local roofers know the area, its weather and climate, and which roofing materials do best there.
  • Local contractors have established relationships with nearby supplies and crews, keeping costs low.

Therefore, ensure the roofing contractor you select has built an outstanding reputation within your community.

4. They Have Good Reviews and References

The roofer should have favorable or satisfactory online reviews from past clients. They should also offer references you can call to verify their work and service delivery.

5. Excellent Communication

The roofing contractor should provide enough information and regular communication from the first point of contact and throughout the work. For example, you should know:

  • when the work will start
  • how long it will take
  • what is required of you
  • If any problems or setbacks happen
  • any other relevant information

6. They Conduct a Thorough Roof Inspection First

Many roofers conduct the first inspection of your roof free of charge. They should come in person to inspect your roof and attic. In addition, their inspection should be thorough to get a sense of the scope of work needed.

7. They are Willing to Offer An Estimate

A reliable roofer should be willing and ready to give a detailed breakdown of the expected costs. It includes the cost of labor, materials, and transport. If you see anything on the quote you don’t understand, ask for an explanation. They should also be willing to go through the estimate with you.

8. Their Cost is Fair

Never base the decision to hire a roofing contractor based on price alone. A professional roofer with the proper licensing and insurance and who uses quality materials and skilled labor must recoup their costs through their work. So be cautious of low prices and other red flags such as upfront payments or door-to-door “storm chasers” who start work the next day – unless it is emergency roofing services.

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