Getting a Roof Inspection Before You Sell: Is It a Good Idea?

Roof Inspection

A Roof Inspection Should Be Done Once a Year.

Getting a roof inspection is never a bad idea. If you haven’t gotten one in a while, it may be time to do so, especially if you are about to sell your home. The reason for this is because if you go into selling your home with full disclosure that your roof is up to date and doesn’t have any issues, that is one less thing that you have to worry about falling through if you go into escrow. Often times, people think their home is just about sold and then get smacked with a pullback from buyers because there are problems with the roof. While you are in the midst of getting your roof inspected, you may want to look in and see if you need anything else done like a heater repair or HVAC checkup. If you know about these problems ahead of time you can get them fixed, or be upfront with the buyer that if they buy this home, that they will have to deal with these issues.

What An Inspection Looks For?

Hail Damage – You may not even know you have hail damage on your roof until you have an inspector come out and take a look. Usually, insurance will cover the cost to fix this so you can rest assured that if you find it, it can be fixed rather quickly.

Age – You may not even know how old your roof really is and in this case, it is good to have it checked in on to make sure it is not time for a replacement.

Repairs – If you need a small roof repair to avoid later issues like water damage, this is a great way to catch it in time.

Gutter Issues – Gutters often get overlooked, but they play a very important role in the health of your home. Getting them checked out is never a bad idea.

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