What Does It Really Cost To Repair Your Roof And What Affects That Cost?

What Does It Really Cost To Repair Your Roof And What Affects That Cost?

When homeowners find out their roof needs repairs, one of the first questions they ask is, “How much will this cost?” It’s understandable for you to ask this question. Home repairs are not always cheap, and most of us have to stay within a specific budget. Unfortunately, it is hard to say exactly how much roof repairs cost because the cost is so variable.

What we can do is shed some light on the major factors which affect the cost of roof repairs. We’ll also discuss how these repairs affect your roof’s lifespan. Often, good repairs extend the life of your roof and actually save you money long-term. 

Age of the Roof

Older roofs often cost more to repair than newer roofs because it’s harder to source materials for an older roof. Homeowners are less likely to have spare shingles or roofing stashed away for an older roof. Your roofer will do their best to match the existing material, but this can add to the cost of repairs.

If your roof is newer, your roofer may have matching materials in stock already, or they may order those materials in bulk at a discounted rate. You may even have an extra package of roofing leftover from the installation. You can save money by having your roofer use those materials for the repairs, if possible.

Components Requiring Repair

The cost of replacing damaged flashing or a damaged vent is different from the cost of replacing a few missing shingles. The cost of replacing ten damaged roof tiles is also different from the cost of replacing ten damaged shingles.

If the repair involves a valley, skylight, or other specific roof feature, the repair will often cost more. This is because your roofer will need to order and work with more materials. 

Location of Repairs

If the repair is in a hard-to-reach area, it will cost more. It is generally easier for roofers to make repairs along the edge of the roof than towards the peak. They can access the area from a ladder and spend less time hauling supplies onto the rooftop.

Steep roofs often cost more to repair than roofs with a lower pitch. This is because roofers on steeper roofs need to wear harnesses and take other safety precautions. Walking up and down a steep roof is harder and takes longer than working on a low-pitch roof.

Size and Extent of Repairs

The larger the area which needs to be repaired, the more it will cost. For example, it will cost less to replace a couple of damaged shingles than to replace half a side of your shingle roof. This is why we always advise homeowners to keep an eye out for these early signs of roof damage:

  • Increased humidity in the attic
  • Tiny spots of water on attic beams or joists
  • Moist or moldy insulation

If you have a roof repaired when the damage is minor, the repairs will cost less. If you don’t repair a roof ASAP, the damage will spread and cost more to repair.

Roof damage does not just spread laterally. If your shingles become damaged and you don’t replace them promptly, water will start penetrating through to the wood roof deck beneath your shingles. If the roof deck starts to rot, it will need to be replaced. This is a more extensive and expensive repair job than replacing shingles alone.

Level of Detail Required

There are two components to every roof repair bill: labor and materials. Often it is true that larger repairs require more labor. However, the intricacy of the work and the skill it requires also play a role. Replacing a shingle along a skylight, for example, takes more precision and detail than replacing a shingle at the edge of the roof. 

Your roofing company may need to send a more experienced, detail-oriented roofer for certain repairs. Such roofers, understandably, earn more per hour for their labor. This raises the cost of your repairs.

Detailed roofing work also takes longer. However, it is always worth paying a little more to have detailed roof repairs made by a true expert. You want your roof repairs to last as long as possible, and this requires both quality materials and quality workmanship.

Roof repairs can seem expensive in the moment. However, having quality repairs made as soon as you notice roof damage can extend the life of your roof and save you money in the long run. Look for a local, experienced roof company you can trust. This way, you will know you have been quoted a fair price for repairs that will stand the test of time.

For quality roof repairs in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee, contact Quantum Roofing. We offer emergency roof repairs and have experience with a wide range of materials, from shingles to metal.

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