Consider Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles Are Thicker For Better Protection.

Your roof is one thing that you probably don’t think about often. You assume that the shingles on your home will keep you protected and be able to withstand the amount of time they were said to. The problem is, some roofing materials were not built to withstand heavy weather or hail. If the hail is big enough or persistent enough, it can cause real damage to your roof. The problem arises when hail happens on a regular basis. If it is happening often and you are getting repairs done regularly, you are wasting valuable time and money. There are special roofing materials that can be put on your roof to keep it protected from this type of problem. Below are a few pros to impact resistant shingles.

Why Choose These Shingles

Hail Is Brutal – If you have ever experienced a hail storm, whether it left damage or not, you can see how this could potentially cause a major issue. Hail can leave large dents in your roof that will end up needing to be repaired.

Expensive – You may have to pay for this yourself or go through an insurance company, but if you are regularly having to make those repairs, the price can add up. Impact resistant shingles are thicker and will be able to withstand these kinds of incidents and save you money in repair costs in the long run.

If you are thinking about impact resistant shingles or are tired of the constant roof repairs, call Quantum Roofing at 828-808-5955 and we can help you.

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