Are Soffit and Fascia Necessary?

underside of roof

Protecting the sides and under your roof

Every home with a roof has soffit and fascia, and from things we read, they are important and necessary when it comes to gutter installation and roofing. So, what are soffit and fascia? The soffit is located where the roof and the siding meet and is part of the roof overhang. The fascia is the attractive, sometimes decorative board that runs along the overhang and roof, creating a transition. 

Like most homeowners that are getting a roof or siding quote for the first time, you may wonder, “Why do I need soffit and fascia?”, and we’re going to discuss that question and more in this article, 

Do I need soffit and fascia on my home, is soffit and fascia necessary? Yes to the soffit, it is definitely necessary. Not only does it complete the appearance of the roofing and siding, but it protects the eaves and rafters from the elements. Without soffit, these would be exposed, causing them to rot, creating leaks in the roof, and wood rot. The fascia on the other hand isn’t necessary, it is more a decorative way to complete the roofing and make a smooth transition with the siding. 

What goes on first soffit or fascia?

When it comes to installing the soffit and fascia first, the soffit is first, lengthwise to the fascia and should be installed before siding is installed to the house. The soffit installation will determine the corner posts positioning inside and outside. 

Following the proper sequence of installing siding, roofing, soffit and fascia, with the soffit and fascia steps listed here, will make the job go smoother and the create a completed final appearance. 

  • Step One: Nail J-channel in place
  • Steps Two: Install the soffit panels
  • Step Three: Attach the fascia
  • Step Four: Install the drip edge

What is the best material for fascia boards?

In regard to soffit and fascia, the fascia boards are what caps the edge of rafters on the exterior of your home. The fascia is necessary if your home will have a gutter system, they are essential in water draining off the roof and away from your home’s foundation. The fascia has no specific use other than the gutters and giving your home a clean, smooth appearance. They are typically made from the following materials: 

  • Wood: Common due to affordability. They are multifaceted and with certain treatment, they are water-resistant. When painted, the resilience is increased to the elements is increased. 
  • Composite: A recycled material from sawdust and wood chips, using an epoxy resin to bond. A higher price makes it not as popular as other options but is colorfast, durable, and rot-resistant.
  • Vinyl: A durable material that is easy to install and has a low cost for maintenance and repairs. Easy cleaning and discoloring is solved with power washing. Insect, rot, and rust resistant.
  • Aluminum: An upgrade from wood, this is a popular material for fascia due to its durability and flexibility. Easy install and available in a variety of colors. 

Can I repair soffit and fascia damage?

Soffit and fascia damage can be found during monthly walk-around inspections of your home. The roof isn’t the only thing you need to be checking!  Keeping up on the condition of the fascia and soffit is as important as the roof itself and keeping the maintenance up is just as important to your home.

Make sure the soffit and fascia are caulked, sealed, and painted all year long. The more exposed they are to the elements, the more susceptible they are to damage and rot. If you are handy with minor tools, you can do your own soffit and fascia repairs, but if you aren’t it is best left to a professional contractor.  The minimal cost can range from $15 per linear foot up to $30 per linear foot, depending on the material and your region. Consider the cost as protecting the most important investment you own. 

vented soffit

What is soffit on a house?

The soffit on your home is an architectural feature that runs horizontal and aloft the underside of the roof. The archetypal form may be incorporated, or implied as the projection of beams on the underside of the eaves of a roof.

So, what is the point of soffit? While the soffit may seem like a minor part of your home’s exterior, it has a powerful purpose that you don’t want to ignore when it has become damaged. For your home’s exterior, the soffit point is an aesthetic purpose with a function of protecting the roof rafters from the elements. 

The soffit and fascia keep the moisture off the rafters so that they aren’t subjected to mold and rot. By keeping the rafters protected, the soffit is protecting your roof and extending the lifespan of your roof. Get started today when you call 828-808-5955!

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