Can a Roof Be Done in One Day?

A Roofer Puts in Shingles.

How many days does it take to put on a new roof?

If after a storm you’ve discovered a gaping hole in your roof, it’s obvious you’ll need emergency roofing—fast. But, depending on the situation, getting a new roof installed can take time. In an emergency situation, you might be able to get a new roof put on in a day. How quickly a roof goes up often depends on the size and slope of the roof, and whether any complications arise. Complications could include problems in the roof’s design or issues like weather delays. Typically, a full roof replacement takes about two days, but may take three or longer, depending on the circumstances. If your roof has been damaged by a storm or some other event and you need reliable emergency roofing in Asheville, NC, you’ll receive a prompt response from the professionals at Quantum Roofing. We can be reached 24/7 in emergencies, so call us at 828-808-5955.

Roofing emergency action plan

Because your roof is one of the most vulnerable spots on your home or building, it’s the most likely part of the property that will get damaged in an emergency. Whether you’re a homeowner or commercial building manager, having a plan in place in case of emergency roof damage is always a good idea.

While we can’t prevent emergencies, we can take measures to ensure our roofs are better protected in an emergency situation. Being proactive and having a regular maintenance plan in place can often prevent your roof from suffering serious damage. Inspections and maintenance can help you identify weak spots in your roof and make any necessary repairs to areas that could be otherwise left vulnerable to damage. You especially want to look out for leaks. Leaks can damage your roof’s structural support and also lead to moisture build-up that causes mold and mildew growth.

For temporary repairs and protection, homeowners should keep a tarp handy that can be placed over the damaged roof to protect it until roofing professionals arrive to make permanent repairs. Commercial building managers should set up a budget for emergency repairs. Everyone should also review insurance policies and be aware of deductibles and what’s covered under the policies.  

Is a leaking roof an emergency?

If you’ve discovered a roof leak, no matter the size, you often have an emergency roofing situation on your hands. Clearly if during a storm rain has leaked from the roof to the ceiling and has burst through the ceiling, you’ll need help from professionals quickly. But, even a small leak can cause big trouble and shouldn’t be left unchecked for too long. Along with serious water damage, leaks can lead to problems like mold and mildew growth if they aren’t taken care of.  

How do I temporarily fix my roof?

When your roof has been damaged in an emergency, you may need to make quick temporary repairs to preserve the roof from further damage until you can get a roofer out to make permanent repairs.

A quick solution is putting a tarp over the damaged area. To tarp your roof:

  • Cover the entire affected area with the tarp, pulling it tightly and smoothing it out.
  • Either place 2-by-4 boards over the edges or nail the edges down.
  • Use roofing cement to cover the nails.

Other quick repairs include:

  • Use a heat gun to soften the edges of curling shingles and glue them down with roofing cement.
  • Nail loose shingles down after sliding them back under the bottom edges of the rows above them.
  • Use roofing cement on cracked joints and edges of flashing.

How do I stop my roof from leaking in heavy rain?

When it’s raining heavily and your roof has developed a leak you may need to make a temporary emergency roofing repair to prevent the leak from causing more damage. You can do this by making a temporary patch using roofing tar and part of a shingle or piece of plywood. On the underside of the roof deck, use a trowel or putty knife to spread the tar into the leak. Take the shingle or piece of plywood and push it into the tar. More tar is then spread around the edges of the patch. Once the rain has subsided you can go up on the roof to further shore up the repair by spreading roofing tar on the underside of the shingles near the leak. For safety, make sure you wear rubber-soled shoes when working on the roof.

Storm-Damaged Shingles

Emergency roofing near me

When you need emergency roofing services in Asheville, NC, you can always expect a prompt response from the professionals at Quantum Roofing. We can respond to emergency calls around the clock and offer a full range of roofing repairs for all varieties of roofs. You can learn more about us or get immediate help by calling 828-808-5955.

How do you repair broken siding?

installing new siding

The Reason for Siding

What is a siding purpose on a home? The critical purpose of siding on a home is protected. In conjunction with the foundation and roof, the complete package protects the contents and occupants within it from the elements. It is that level of protection that makes it essential to have any siding repair needed doing correctly and promptly. 

Siding is a popular choice for homes today for a few reasons. There are several types of siding available, including aluminum, cedar, and vinyl. It can be a reasonable cost, depending on which material you choose. It comes in a variety of colors, and it is one of the best ways to make your home more energy-efficient. Experienced contractors efficiently to do siding installation and repair, and a DIY homeowner can do siding repair in most cases. 

Four Popular Types of Siding

As we mentioned above, there are several types of siding, and choosing one can take time. Here, we have listed the five we found to be the most popular: 

  • Vinyl – available in a wide range of colors, styles, and texture at moderate pricing, it is easy to see why this is the most common and popular siding. Repair of vinyl is easy, or you can replace a whole strip if needed.  The estimated lifespan of vinyl siding is fifty years. 
  • Wood – another siding that is available in a range of finishes, styles, and textures and is moderately priced as well. One downside to wood siding is that you do need to choose a paint color and will have to refresh the paint every five years or so. If proper ventilation is not in place, moisture becomes a problem with wood siding. However, this type of siding, repair for moisture damaged piece isn’t difficult.
  • Metal – with this siding, repairs are minimal as long as maintenance and upkeeps are done as needed.  Aluminum metal siding is modestly priced, and an uncoated steel metal siding is a little more expensive. It does dent quickly, but replacing a panel isn’t difficult. 
  • Fiber Cement – when installed professionally, this siding looks like natural wood and is an extremely durable material, making siding repair worries non-existent. It is a more expensive siding, but the low maintenance, insect-resistant, rot-resistant, and has a lifespan of 50 years make it worth the extra cost. 

How many years does siding last?

Most home exteriors will need refreshing or updating after twenty to thirty years. Even brick will need repointing, and metal may need some replacement panels. Changing or updating the siding on the house can give it a completely new look and increase the value at the same time. It is vital to choose a siding that has the least amount of siding repair needs and one that will give you the most extended lifespan so that you get the most significant ROI possible. 

When should you replace siding?

  • Siding repair jobs are sufficient for a long while, but eventually, the climate and environment will take its toll on siding and replacing it is the best solution. Here are seven indications that it is time:
  • Rot: When the siding on your home is starting to crumble from rot, it is no longer proving your family or contents the protection it should. Circumscribed damage, siding repair is feasible. However, when the rot has started spreading, siding repair isn’t enough. It is time to replace it with a rot-resistant type of siding. 
  • Cracks, Gaps, Holes: These things make a home unsightly, and they are compromising the structure, allowing moisture to penetrate to the house. Those cracks, gaps, and holes also are giving critters, insects, and rodents a smooth entry. Siding repair may fix it, but if it happens again, replace the siding. 
  • Overload Maintenance: If you’re spending as much or more time with siding repair, then it may be time to consider a replacement upgrade to a low-maintenance vinyl. You don’t want to spend your time painting and refinishing every five years, and a new siding will give your home a new look. 
  • Bills Skyrocket: If you are noticing your utility bills have skyrocketed recently, but if there isn’t any visible damage, look for other issues that could be underperforming. Are the exterior electrical outlets and walls drafty? New siding will make a difference and save you money on cooling and heating your house. 
  • Hazards Hidden: Walk around the exterior of your home and check the siding up close, top to bottom. If you see any bulges or warped areas, you need to shop for new siding. 
  • Moisture, Mildew, Mold: If you have found any moisture buildup, there is mildew, mold, and rot nearby. If your find damaged siding as the cause or is an area that you have completed siding repair several times, and there isn’t any apparent reason, it’s an excellent time to consider siding replacement. 
  • Improved Resale Value: If you’re considering placing your house on the market, new siding will bring you a higher dollar for the property, and that is money that you’ll get most of it back with the sale. 
siding repair in progress

Why siding repair and How Do You Know You Need New Siding or Siding Repair? 

Siding damage isn’t always visible at first glance; sometimes, you have to investigate a little more.  However, the visible siding repair should be repaired as soon as you notice the damage. Why? Because it will become a bigger problem when the small critters, insects, and rodents start making their way through the cracks, gaps, and holes, not to mention moisture that leads to mildew and mold. 

We listed seven indications that are telling you siding repair isn’t enough. Any of the things we discussed above are telling you that new siding is needed. A power wash will make it look better, but it isn’t always the cure. Check the caulking and screws too, make sure your siding is secure to the house. 

Can siding be repaired? And Can you patch siding?

The answer to both is yes, siding repair and siding patching are both possible in most cases. It will depend on the type of siding and the type of damage. Vinyl siding is durable, sturdy material, but is not permanent. A falling tree branch or a baseball can crack it quickly, but no worries! Vinyl siding is one siding material that siding repair can be done in 30 minutes or less. The downside, the older the vinyl, the harder it will be to find the exact color match. 

How do you fix water damaged siding?

Siding repair for water damage is going to depend on the type of siding. For a hardboard siding, remove the damaged siding, the sheathing, and the framing. Then replace all of it, this will make sure that you have removed all water damage possible. A new wood siding replacement can be painted to match existing or repaint the entire house! 

adding new siding

Closing Thoughts

Siding for a house may not seem to be an essential component, but it provides many things that you’ll realize you’ve been missing. Like fewer drafts and more money! Give us a call today at 828-808-5955 for more about siding repair in Asheville, NC.

Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

emergency roof repair

Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

To be certain, roof leaks are a serious problem no matter what weather is occurring outside. If your roof has started to leak during a heavy rainstorm, then it will be important for you to get it fixed as soon as possible. Holes in the roof have a nasty way of becoming alarmingly bigger. When holes occur, all manner of weather and pests can infiltrate the roof, and infest the underlayment and the home. With a proper roof inspection by a qualified roofing company, you can expect good results and good roofing repairs.

How Do I Temporarily Fix My Roof?

If your roof is leaking, it will be important for you to mitigate the water damage as much as possible. Please review the following steps that homeowners can take to temporarily fix their roof until competent help can arrive.

  • Place a tarp upon the roof. If you have observed that you have a roof leak, it will be important for you to locate a tarp and carefully secure it to the roof. For this process you will need a ladder, a tarp, and a way of fastening the tarp to the roof. If you do not want to use nails, you can use a self-adhering tarp. Roofing is not an easy task, and it requires proficiency and dexterity.
  • Call a reliable roofing company. The sooner you call a roofing company, the sooner you can mitigate the water damage and get your roof back in working order.

What Should You Do If Your Roof is Leaking?

Have you noticed water stains or leaks on your ceiling? A small hole in the roof can quickly spell certain disaster for the present and future. The first thing that a homeowner should do is stop the water damage. This can be done by containing the water with a pail or stewpot. If there is any water around the area, you must remove it soon. The next thing that you can do is call a roofing company to survey the extent of the roof damage. Once they have given an evidence-based review of the roof damage, the insurance company can be called. Any monetary assistance that insurance providers can supply will be beneficial in terms of the final price of the roof fix.

Can a Roof be Fixed from the Inside?

Are you wondering whether your roof can be fixed from the inside? It may be more efficient to think about other solutions in the long run. This is because fixing a leak from inside the home is practically impossible. If you do try to repair the roof from the inside out, it will only divert water to another part of the roof. The water will eventually find its way in or cause sheathing rot and further damage. Water is a harsh mistress. Once it finds its way underneath your shingles and underlayment, it will be critical for you to replace the shingles. If the water damage is extreme enough, you may need to replace your roof.

How Long Can You Leave a Leaking Roof?

One of the reasons why this blog emphasizes decisive and immediate action with regard to roof leaks is because water damage is immediate and extraordinary. A small leak can become the reason why the entire roof needs to be replaced within a short span of time. Unfortunately, if homeowners are looking for an estimate for how quickly water will damage your home, there are no hard and fast rules. It will also depend on the surrounding roof elements and what they are made of. For instance, if the entire structure is made of wood, that will certainly be a problem when water logs the area.

Emergency Roofing and Repair

One of the important considerations that homeowners should consider is that roof leaks cannot be repaired while inclement weather is occurring. If your home is in the midst of a rainstorm, roofers will not be able to repair the roof until the weather clears up. In the meantime, homeowners are advised to put a tarp on the roof until a roofing professional can come in and survey the current condition of the roof.

Emergency Roof Repair Services

Are you in need of emergency roof repair services? You are most likely in luck. There are a number of good roofing companies that can be accessed with a quick internet search. Simply type in ‘emergency roof repairs in my area’, and a list of viable roofing companies should pop up on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. At that point, it will be important to review the credentials of each roofing company and select an experienced and insured company.

Emergency Roof Leak Repair

If your ceiling is already leaking, you will need to stabilize the situation. The area around the leak will need to be inspected. After the roofing company has repaired the leak on the roof, you will need to investigate how damaged the surrounding areas are. The damage will need to be thoroughly dried and repaired. A general contractor will probably be able to repair all related damage stemming from water damage. This pertains to the ceiling, walls, and any woodwork around the roof leak.

emergency roof repair

Emergency Roofing

If you are in need of emergency roofing, it is imperative for you to get in contact with the right roofers. Our team is here to help.

If you need emergency roof repair in Asheville, NC, please give our roofing company a call. You can access us at 828-808-5955.

Are Impact Resistant Shingles Worth It?

Hail Damage on a Roofing Shingle

Are impact resistant shingles worth it?

The expense of repairing or even replacing your roof after a storm, especially if it hails, could be a nightmare for you. If you worry about roof damage every time it storms, to ease your mind, you might want to consider impact resistant shingles. These shingles are specifically designed to weather hail and high winds. Their reinforced rubberized asphalt basically causes hailstones to bounce off them with little to no damage to the shingle. They can also withstand hurricane-force winds without tearing away. These characteristics alone make them worth the investment, especially in an area where severe storms are common. If you want to protect your roof from the serious damage storms can cause and want to install impact resistant shingles in Asheville, NC, turn to the professionals at Quantum Roofing. Give us a call at 828-808-5955 to find out how we can help you.

How do I know if my shingles are impact resistant?

Because these shingles look like other shingles, you may not be aware if you have them. A casual glance at your shingles won’t help. You’ll have to make a close-up inspection of the underside of the shingles to see if they are marked Class 4 impact resistant. Even then, the shingles may not be marked and you would need to have access to the packaging, where it will be clearly marked. If you want to find out for sure, a skilled roof inspector like those at Quantum Roofing may be able to determine if your shingles are impact resistant.  

What are impact resistant shingles?

Impact resistant shingles are any shingles specifically designed to withstand the impacts of hail and high winds. These shingles are classified by the not-for-profit testing group Underwriters Laboratories as Class 4, which is their highest rating for impact resistance. This means, when tested, the shingle held up against a steel ball dropped from 20 feet. This test imitates the high-speed impact of hailstones. These shingles also withstand the force of winds up to 110 mph, or as strong as a category 2 hurricane.

All shingles are tested for impact resistance and given a classification of 1,2, 3, or 4, with 4 being the strongest. Here are the classifications outlined.

  • Class 1: Can withstand impacts of a 1 ¼-inch steel ball dropped from a height of 12 feet. 
  • Class 2: Can withstand the impact of 1 ½-inch steel ball dropped from 15 feet.
  • Class 3: Can withstand the impact of a 1 3/4-inch steel ball dropped from 17 feet.
  • Class 4: Can withstand the impact of a 2-inch steel ball dropped from 20 feet.

Are Class 3 shingles impact resistant?

While all shingles have some level of impact resistance, that just means they can withstand impacts to certain degree before getting seriously damaged. Class 3 shingles, for instance, can handle more fierce strikes from hailstones than a Class 1 or 2 shingle can. That said, only Class 4 shingles are actually classified as impact resistant.

Are architectural shingles impact resistant?

Architectural shingles are often preferred over standard 3-tab shingles because they are more versatile and often more aesthetically pleasing. These shingles are also thicker than 3-tab shingles, so they withstand more damage from hailstones or fallen branches or other debris. With architectural shingles, your roof’s underlayment is at less of a risk for damage. While this is appealing, unless the shingles are classified as Class 4 impact resistance, they are technically not considered impact resistant.

Impact resistant shingles vs regular

If you are considering getting impact resistant shingles for your roof, you are going to have to weigh several factors, including durability and cost. By far, most people choose these shingles because of their durability. They’ll outlast regular shingles on almost all counts. If you live in an area that’s prone to hail or really extreme temperatures, impact resistant shingles are a good choice. For areas with cooler temperatures, regular shingles are fine. 

Cost, of course, will play a major role in your decision, and you can expect to pay 10-20% more for impact resistance than you will for regular shingles. While the initial installation costs might seem high, you’ll normally get more for the money, especially when it comes to durability.  

Impact resistant shingles vs metal roof

As metal roofs become more and more popular for residential roofing you might consider installing a metal roof over an impact resistant shingle roof. Most metal roofs are just as durable as impact resistant roofs, and many receive Class four impact resistance ratings. Metal roofs do have one major disadvantage. Unless they are properly insulated, they will be noisy when it hails.

How long do impact resistant shingles last?

While most shingle roofs will get a 30-year warranty, it’s very rare that a standard shingle roof will last more than 20 years. Weather is the main reason this is true, especially when hail is involved. Impact resistant shingles, on the other hand, may actually last as long as 30 years. These shingles are very durable and are designed to hold up to weather extremes.

Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact resistant shingles insurance discount

Impact resistant shingles can pay off in many ways. Depending on where you live, and your particular insurance company, if you upgrade to these shingles, you could get a discount on your insurance of 5-30%. Check with your insurer to see what discounts might apply to your policy. If you want to upgrade to impact resistant shingles in Asheville, NC, let the professionals at Quantum Roofing help you. You can reach us to get an estimate by calling 828-808-5955.

Do Roofers Repair Skylights?

skylight repair

Do Roofers Repair Skylights?

If you are in need of skylight repair and replacement, it will be important for you to find a contractor or company that you can trust. A professional roofing company that insured and has the appropriate credentials according to the state that you live in. A professional roofing company will not charge you before a repair. Instead, they will perform an inspection, give you an estimate, and commence the work. After the work is completed the customer will be billed. 

How Do You Repair a Leaking Skylight?

Are you wondering how to repair a leaking skylight? The process is fairly straightforward, though it will take the right tools and materials to make it happen. Please review the following bullet points to learn more:

  • Roofing cement will be the material used to seal any gaps or holes that persist in the flashing.
  • 100% silicone caulking can be used to seal leaks that occur around the skylight lens.
  • If the skylight is still found to be leaking, the metal flashing around the frame of the skylight can be replaced.

How Often Should Skylights Be Replaced?

The roofing material that is involved with skylights, including the flashing, the lense, the sealant, etc. has a longevity expectation of approximately twenty to forty years. With a professional installation that is conducted at the same time a roof is installed, skylights have an exceptional lifetime. If your roof is in the process of being replaced, it will be integral to have the skylights replaced at the same time. Doing so will continue the linear progression of longevity for your important roof fixtures.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Skylight?

According to several estimates, the life expectancy of a skylight can be anywhere within a range of eight to fifteen years. This range of years depends on how well the skylight was installed, and the quality of the skylight manufacturing materials. If for some reason the skylight was not installed properly, or if the skylight frame does not perfectly match the roof, skylight leaks can develop. A qualified and experienced roofing contractor with a roofing company will be able to diagnose the source of your skylight leak and give you an estimate pertaining to the correct fix for your home.

Are Skylights Worth The Money?

Are you considering a skylight installation in your home? If so, you will want to ensure that you are making an appropriate cost-benefit analysis. Skylights can be expensive not only to install but also to maintain. As a matter of fact, skylights can also impact your energy bills. These facts are unavoidable. Skylights will gradually create wear and tear on the roof because skylights are prone to leaking. While it is true that skylights are phenomenally beautiful, it is important to weigh any possible detractions. Insurance companies, for example, will factor in whether or not a home has a skylight in their homeowner’s insurance contract. Because this is the case, premiums may escalate. The best way to find out for sure is to have a conversation with your local, insured and professional roofing company.

How to Repair Skylight Glass

The first thing that you should do if you have a cracked skylight is to clean the skylight window. Doing so will ensure that you have a proper view of the damage to the glass. The second thing that should be done is to spread the epoxy sealant over the glass. As a matter of fact, a vehicle glass repair kit is perfect for repairing a skylight window. The epoxy sealant should be spread perfectly smooth over the surface of the glass. Once the sealant is dry, the glass can be checked over and reviewed to see if further repairs are necessary.

How to Repair Skylight Flashing

Some basic skylight repair tips include using roofing cement to seal any gaps or holes in the flashing. 100% silicone needs to be used to seal any leaks that have occurred around the skylight lens. Of course, the flashing may still need to be replaced, which is why it is urgent that homeowners seek professional advice before attempting any repairs for themselves.

Replace Skylight with Solar Tube

Solar tubes have a number of remarkable advantages. When considering the advantages of a solar tube versus a skylight, it is important to consider that the view of the sky will not be the same with a solar tube. Solar tubes are more affordable than skylights and are apparently easier to install.

skylight repair

Skylight Repair Services

If you are seeking skylight repair services near you, it is important to ask for a referral for a reliable roofing company in your area from your friend or neighbor. You may also search online using the search term: ‘skylight repair services.’ It is always important to select a professional and insured roofing company that has your best interests at heart.

Scheduling an appointment for your skylight repair has never been easier. Our staff at Quantum Roofing are ready to take your phone call at 828-808-5955. Discover more about what a skylight repair in Asheville, NC can do for you!

How Much Does a Corrugated Metal Roof Cost?

Red corrugated metal roof on a white vinyl house

Quality metal roofing

Before we answer that question, let’s answer what does corrugated metal roofing means exactly? Corrugated defines anything with a surface that has alternate grooves and ridges. Those grooves and ridges on metal panels are corrugated metal roofing and the panels can interlock with each other.  Where this differs from standing seam metal roof, the panels are constructed of interlocking metal panels that run between the roof ridge and roof eave.

The metal that is used to make corrugated galvanized metal roofing is sheet metal that is put through a roll forming process through form dies that make the desired corrugation. There are several types of metal corrugated:

  • Aluminum
  • Coated carbon steel
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel

What is the cheapest metal roofing?

The cost of corrugated metal roofing can depend on the form and type of metal material used. The average price starts at $75 per square and can cost as much as $1,000 or more per square. In the roofing industry, a square is the standard form of measurement which is 100 square feet.

There are 3 common forms of corrugated metal roofing: Sheet, Shingle, and Standing Seam. They make the shingle form to look like asphalt, slate, tile, or wood shingles. Each of these varieties has profiles that need to be factored into choosing the right one for home or commercial structure.

Sheet Metal Roofing Cost between $75 and $600 per square, making it the least expensive metal roofing.

  • Types within this variety are: 5V Crimp, R Panel, corrugated, and through-fastened
  • Comes either galvanized or galvalume steel
  • It is agriculturally aesthetic
  • Available in gauges of 24 to 30
  • Fasteners are exposed
  • Available either painted or unpainted

Standing Seam costs between $200 to $1,000 per square and comes clip-fastened or through-fastened, galvanized or galvalume steel and with a modern aesthetic, it is the most popular of corrugated metal roofing choices. For residential purposes, it comes in 24 gauge or 26 gauge and for commercial structures in gauges of 18 to 28. All gauges come in 12″ wide to 20″ wide panels and the roofing contractor installing the roofing will cut the panels to size as needed.

Shingle variety costs between $200 to $600 per square and come in resembling profiles of asphalt, slate, tile, or wood shake, often referred to as modular panels or stamped. Available in aluminum or steel in 26 gauge to 18 gauge with a traditional appearance that comes in Kynar coating or stone.

Can you paint corrugated metal roofing

Corrugated metal roofing can have a lifespan of 100 years, and if you don’t mind the rustic look, there isn’t any need to paint it. However, if you do want to paint it, with a little prep work, a lot of attention and time, putting on a fresh coat of paint can make corrugated metal roofing look different, creating a different look for your home or commercial structure.

To prep corrugated metal for painting, you’ll want to scrub it thoroughly then allow it to dry. Next, apply an undercoating of metal primer for galvanized metal. Once that has thoroughly dried, using oil-based alkyd paint, put on an even coat, then use acrylic latex paint as a topcoat.

How much does a corrugated metal roof cost?

To install a corrugated metal roofing on an average home, the cost can be between $8,000 and $19,500 on the average. Depending on the install of corrugated metal roofing, and the type of metal roof affects the cost.  The roof pitch, size, and slope will affect the cost of having a corrugated metal roofing installed.

How do you install corrugated metal roofing?

We always recommend it is always to have a professional roofing contractor install your corrugated metal roofing, but if you want to try it yourself, perhaps starting with a garden shed, these are the basic steps using a few simple tools.

  1. Cut the panels to the needed length
  2. Pre-drill holes for the screws on the ridge. 
  3. Install the cut panels. 
  4. Screw the panels down. 
  5. Repeat process on the other side

Some corrugated metal roofing with concealed fasteners instead of screws. Your local big box home improvement store can advise you which to use.

How do I cut corrugated sheet metal roofing panels?

On a flat surface, place the corrugated sheet metal that needs to be cut. Measure and mark when the cut needs to be and draw a line either the length or the width with a pencil. Always, measure twice (or more) and cut once.  This will save you from cutting wrong, creating a wasted piece.

silver corrugated metal roof close up

What is the best tool for cutting metal roofing?

Corrugated metal can be cut parallel to the ridges or across the ridges using tin snips. These are easy to control as you cut and are commonly used to cut galvanized or stainless steel, even plastic flashing.

Corrugated metal roofing is a popular choice today amount commercial property owners and residential homeowners.  The durability of the product and the price point have made it popular. Once it is installed, a homeowner won’t have any need to replace the roofing for many years. Interested in corrugated metal roofing in Asheville, NC? Dial 828-808-5955 today to have an expert from Quantum Roofing get started!

What are asphalt roof shingles made of?

shingle roof on brick house

What type of roof shingles are best?

There are many types of materials that can be used for roofing a house. Asphalt shingles, ceramic tile, metal, wood shingles, and others, with asphalt roof shingles being the most common. A home with an asphalt shingle roof, pros and cons are many, and both make a good case in either direction, especially when comparing asphalt shingle roof vs metal roof, the asphalt roof shingles will win a customer over more often still today.

Asphalt roof shingles have been, and remain to be the most popular because of cost, installation ease, and color choices. While those are legitimate pros about asphalt roof shingles, that doesn’t mean they are the best.  Metal roofing, slate, and tile are also good choices, but each has the same con that keeps more people from going with them: Cost. 

Some roofing material choices are: 

Asphalt Roof Shingles

As we have mentioned, this is the most popular of all roofing materials. In addition to the affordability, other essential facts that make it the most popular are:

  • Variety of colors, sizes, and styles to select.
  • Meets Energy Star standards.
  • Fiberglass and organic shingles are available.

A big con of asphalt roof shingles is they do not do well where the temperature suddenly changes, it can cause them to crack and weaken. They can only be used on roofs with a steep slope.  The Fiberglass asphalt shingles have a waterproof coating, they are fire-resistant, lightweight, and are cheaper than other roofing materials. The organic version of asphalt shingles is waterproof, but they are the heavier of the asphalt family and do not have a long-life expectancy.

3-Tab Shingles and Architectural Shingles 

The 3-tab shingles are less expensive and have a 20 to 30-year life expectancy. The way they are cut gives the appearance of having 3 different types of roof shingles. Architectural shingles contain asphalt and have more curves and are waterproof. Best for low slope roofs because vulnerable to wind-driven rain.

Tile Shingles

A choice when concerned about matching with a home’s style because they are available in different shapes and lighter colors. They have a life expectancy of 75 to 80 years. Cons to this roofing material are the cost, the weight, and the east of breaking or cracking.

Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are an affordable choice and are environmentally friendly. They have a life expectancy of thirty to fifty years and are energy efficient. They are susceptible to fire and the installation process can be challenging. It requires maintenance to keep mold and termite activity at a low level.

Metal Roofing

They type of roofing material is ideal for a flat or steep roof. It is a durable material and at a low-galvanized level. It is affordable with a life expectancy of 50 years or more. A downside to this type of roofing is the noise, which can be minimized with additional material during installation.

Slate Shingles

The life expectancy is greater than the others we have mentioned with 80 to 100 years. Extreme resistance to water and weather damage and has a fair amount of color choices. It is more expensive to install and repair, due to a special experience is needed and the weight makes installation longer.

What are the longest lasting roof shingles?

Long-lasting roofing material is because it is the most durable, with concrete and slate tiles outperforming natural roofing material shingles like wood. Asphalt roof shingles, metal roofing is durable but less than concrete or slate. The life expectancy of any roofing material depends on the climate and everyday wear and tear.  The life expectancy of the most popular roofing choices are:

  • Asphalt roof shingles – A high-quality asphalt roof shingles averages 20 years of life expectancy.
  • Architectural asphalt – Life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.
  • Wood shingles or shakes – The normal life expectancy is twenty years.
  • Metal roofing – Life expectancy up to 40 to 80 years.
  • Clay, concrete, or slate tiles – The longest life expectancy of all roofing materials with 100 years.

How many years do asphalt shingles last?

There are several factors that affect the life expectancy of asphalt roof shingles, with the first being the quality of the shingle. Some manufacturers cut corners to make a less expensive version of asphalt roof shingles, giving those a life expectancy of 15 years. A higher-quality can last up to 20, 30 years.  Most manufacturers of asphalt roof shingles state a warranty up to 20 years, some 30 years, but the average time to replace is at the 20-year point.  Climate and weather, lack of maintenance, and poor installation can affect that life expectancy.

red shingle roof with a skylight

What is the best roof to put on a house?

With affordability and ease of installation, asphalt roof shingles win this category. It is a relatively light material that makes installation easier and faster for a roofing contractor. That fact makes it less labor-intensive, which affects their bottom line. It is an inexpensive material in comparison with other roofing materials like cedar, metal, or slate. Depending on grade and quality, it can be a durable, energy-efficient material, works well with air quality systems, and comes in a variety of colors. 

Roofing material can make the curb appeal of any home, but asphalt roof shingles are still the most common and popular choice. Because of the color variety available, they can be matched to the color of the brick or siding, or the homeowner can choose a contrasting color to give the home a curb appeal change. Because it could be as long as 20 years before the next roofing job is needed, care needs to be taken choosing a color that you’ll want to live without tiring of it. Call 828-808-5955 today for your asphalt roof shingle installation in Asheville, NC.

Gutters For You

Autumn Leaves On A Roof

Learn More About Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of your property more than you know. Your system of gutters is essential for having water drifted away from your property like your siding, landscape, and more so water damages can be prevented. With water damages, you may see rust formation, mold, moss and more which will rack more costs in repairs not only to your gutters but other areas of your roof. Typically,  you may be able to avoid the formation of clogs and leaks with properly shaped gutters, as well as the type of materials that are being used with your gutters. Knowing the right size of gutters and how far they should be connected from the eaves of your roof will also assist in your gutters becoming a stable system without too much in maintenance duties when the seasons change or storms come. Be sure to get in touch with a professional roofer when you’re curious as to what needs to be done with your system of gutters. Here is some helpful information regarding gutters in the meantime.

How much does it cost to replace gutters?

The replacement of gutters will cost differently depending on the materials of gutters and the length of gutters needed. Galvanized steel and aluminum gutters, for example, will cost $4-$9 per linear foot while vinyl will be around $3-$5 per linear foot. Installing 125-200 feet of gutters would, therefore, cost around $1050-$2400 respectively.

Do I need gutters around my entire house?

If you see that your home has an overhang that’s 10 inches or more you’ll not need gutters. However, in those area of short overhangs gutters are needed in order to help protect the siding of the home from rain damages.

Can gutters cause leaks?

Gutters can indeed spring a leak if not handled properly.

Are seamless gutters better?

Seamless gutters are typically more preferred as they won’t have the issue of getting leaks as contains only join at inside and outside corners. You can usually get this specificity with copper, aluminum and galvanized steel and the lengths can be customized with the help of a portable gutter machine.

Which gutter material is best?

The best materials of gutters that can be considered are aluminum and steel. Aluminum is considered for its cost-efficient convenience of a lower price with steady performance. Stainless steel is a great option due to its strength yer it will cost a bit more. If you’d like to prevent rust consider zinc or zinc, aluminum and silicon-coated options like galvanized steel or galvalume.

Leaves In Gutter

Rain Gutters Types

  • Aluminum 
  • Copper 
  • Steel 
  • Galvalume 
  • Zinc 
  • Vinyl 

What type of gutters are best?

There are several types or styles of gutter profiles and shapes that will actually greatly affect the water flow speed as well as the accumulation of clogs on the entire gutter system. The most popular style of gutters is considered to be K-style as they can carry twice as much water as half-round alternatives and because of it’s creased shape is more structurally superior.

Are wider gutters better?

Wider gutters will depend on the shape of the gutters yet a wider gutter system will support more water and debris. 

When Gutters Should Be Cleaned

General maintenance with your gutters in cleaning should occur at least twice a year in the late spring and early fall. Other times you should clean your gutters will include if there are trees that are around your gutters with fall out, if this is the case consider inspecting and cleaning your gutters if applicable every 3 months. Another exception to cleaning your gutters would be when a particularly large storm has passed your region or property.

Can gutters be repaired?

Gutters can be repaired yet depending on the age of the gutters and the extent of damages a replacement may also be recommended. Typically if areas are localized such as leaks or loosened connections you can get your gutters repaired fairly easily and quickly. However, if leaks are persistent along with clogs then a larger issue could be the cause. Be sure to have your gutters inspected by an expert roofer to determine the best course of action regarding your system of gutters.

Contact Us For More Information

When you’re wanting to improve on the systems of your gutters get in touch with a roofing company for more information. Only with the help of a roofing company will you be able to determine the right kinds of gutters as well as materials that will allow for a well-rounded system of rain gutters. Protect your home from the onslaught of clogs and eater leaks by keeping maintenance to at least twice a year if not seasonally just like you would with a tankless water heater. Get in touch with a professional today regarding any repairs, installations or maintenance duties so your system of gutters can last for years to come.

If you’re interested in gutters in Asheville, NC call 828-808-5955 with Quantum Roofing! 

What Are the Best Metal Roofs?

Metal Standing Seam Roof Against Blue Sky

Learn More About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a great way to up the value of your home while providing superior protection to weather, everyday wear and more! More and more residents, industries and commercial businesses have taken them under their wing as metal roofing benefits are countless. What’s more, their design is modern and sleek enough that you can have metal roofing for houses to churches, offices and more. They are easy to install and will last for 50+ years well into the next generation. With their many options, it’s best to get in touch with a professional roofer whenever you’re interested in a new metal roofing installation. Here is some helpful information that may prove beneficial in your research on metal roofing.

Is a metal roof better than shingles?

Metal Roofing vs Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are considered a basic roofing material that will provide the bare minimum protection yet still hold up fairly well with their given life span of 15-25 years. However when you live in an area with heavy hail and high winds they are more vulnerable to impact and blowoffs. This is because it is one layer of roofing material which makes it fairly thin in protection. The good thing about this roofing is that it can easily be replaced by going to a local hardware store and its price is known to be the lowest in the roofing market. That being said, if you want something more durable and able to last decades metal roofing may be more for you. What’s more, because they hold environmentally/energy efficient abilities while also being protective against severe inclement weather insurance companies will encourage the purchase by offering discounts as seen with homeowners’ insurance. Essentially their reflective abilities will conserve energy as they cool buildings while reflecting the sun’s rays. As far as weather, they resist high winds as severe as hurricanes and block water infiltration with their snap-lock or mechanical lock panels.

Does a metal roof increase home value?

Metal roofing will increase the home’s value by adding a curb appeal to the market due to its vast protective abilities and energy efficiency benefits. 

What are the pros and cons of metal roofing?

Metal roofing is a great way to provide both protection and longevity to your roofing system. There are a variety of ways that you can have your roof better protected with various metal materials available. That being said all metal roofing has the ability to reflect the sun’s rays like UV light which can cause premature wear. They won’t absorb water and offer great water wicking abilities be they from snow or rain. These two reasons are actually main reasons for roofing repairs or damages because they protect from the sun and water they’ll last for decades longer than other materials. They are durable and won’t be susceptible to mold or mildew formation either. With metal roofing, a con can be that if there is a fire windows doorways would have to be accessed to put a fire out as due to their ability to deflect the spread of external fires the same can be said inside. If fires are severe the roof may need to be cut if other access points can’t be reached.

What are the problems with metal roofs?

Metal roofing doesn’t have too many issues as their benefits tend to outweigh problems. What’s more these problems do have solutions that will negate issues. Take for instance sound, some say metal will echo hail yet with proper insulation the sounds will be muffles. There is even noise-canceling ones available in the market today.

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?

Asphalt shingles are by far less expensive than metal roofing with average prices ranging from $1.50-$5.50 per square foot. Metal roofing, in turn, is priced between $5.50-$12 per square foot.

Collage of Roofing Material Options

The Different Types of Metal Roofs

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Galvalume Steel
  • Steel
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Zinc

Contact A Professional For Assistance

Are metal roof worth it? Be sure to get in touch with a professional to take a look at your options for metal roofing design from metal roof shingles, corrugated panels and more! Each design has its own pros and cons and with different metal options, you can prevent rust and other water damages. With a professional, you’ll be able to benefit from a roofing inspection that will give you an idea of what style and materials will work best with your roof’s characteristics. As far as any other system of your property like with septic pumping contact the necessary avenues for assistance. When it comes to your home, business or industry a professional is always best for securing proper performance all your needs from roofing, plumbing and more.

If you’re interested in metal roofing in Asheville, NC call 828-808-5955 with Quantum Roofing! 

What is Included in a Roof Inspection?

Roof Inspection on Roof

How Much Does it Cost to Inspect a Roof?

Roof inspections are an essential part of the home-buying process. Roof inspections can give a homeowner or potential buyer the satisfaction of knowing whether or not any repairs are necessary, and what the condition of the roof is. According to some national cost estimates, the average range for a roof inspection is $142 to $213 with an average of $217 being the median cost. Some roofing companies will do a roof inspection for free, however, the cost usually depends on the roofing company.

What Should I Expect from a Roof Inspection?

For residential roof repair, it’s important to first secure a roof inspection. Some of the major parts of a roof inspection circle around what the homeowner or home buyer requests. Usually, a roof inspection will include examining the soffit and fascia, looking at the condition of the gutters and downspouts, evaluating the rooftop vents, and looking for signs of missing roofing material or shingles. The flashing of the roof is always important and should be repaired or replaced whenever damage is evident in that area.

Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

While most people assume that their roof has been properly installed and maintained, new home buyers should absolutely be concerned that this was not the case with their roof. Many homes do not receive the regular roof maintenance necessary to create a long-lasting roof. Because of this, underlying problems never get resolved and can contribute to structural problems and leaks in the home. Every homeowner at one point or another should secure a valued, reputable roofing company in order to ensure that they have the peace of mind of knowing the condition of their roof.

How Long Does it Take to Inspect a Roof?

The usual amount of time that is involved with a roof inspection is usually forty-five minutes. During this time, your roof contractor will likely ascend your roof, and investigate the perimeter of your roof for signs of structural weakness or missing roofing material. He or she will also examine the metal flashing around your chimney vents and other apparatuses because these areas often show signs of leakage when they are penetrated. Sometimes, a roofing inspection takes several hours, depending on how large the roof is, and how substantial the problems are.

What Should I Look for When Inspecting a Roof?

If you are inspecting your roof for possible forms of damage, be they wear and tear, or storm damage, please browse through the following list to help you on your journey.

  • Signs of cracks or peeling away on the sealant around your flashing.
  •  Signs of rust on your metal flashing.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Shingles that are broken, curling, or bald.
  • A missing or deteriorated chimney cap.
  • Masses of moss or any plant growth on the roof.

If any of these signs or symptoms have been witnessed on your roof, your roof is telling you it needs help. Contact a local, reputable roofer in order to get a qualified roof inspection.

Roof Inspection vs Roof Certification

There are some very important differences between a roof inspection and a roof certification. A roof inspection is a report drafted by a roofing company that is written with the intention of addressing any cracked, missing, or aging shingles, loosened roof seams, problematic rain gutters, or troubling signs of roof damage. These reports can include digital photographs and evidence for the homeowner. Roofing certifications are a statement of opinion by a licensed roofer who can stipulate that the roof has a life expectancy of one to three years or more. If there is a need for roof repairs, that will bring down the roofing expectancy one or more years. Both a roof inspection and a roof certification require payment, though depending on the roofing company, the cost will differ.

Roof Inspection Companies

There are many different roofing companies that conduct roof inspections for commercial and residential purposes. It is recommended for property owners to look up a roofer that has excellent credentials, is insured, and has a good reputation. A referral from a friend or neighbor can also be of assistance during this process. For homeowners looking to repair their HVAC system, air duct repair is one option. Air ducts are like the arteries of an air conditioning and cooling system. When one of these ducts or ‘arteries’ becomes damaged, the entire system is impaired. Reviving your HVAC system so that it can appropriately cool or heat your home is important for your energy efficiency, your energy bills, and your household.

Roof Inspection Estimate

A roof inspection and a roof estimate are different. A roof estimate is used to determine the cost of repairs for a specific roof issue. A roof inspection can be used to determine the overall condition of the roof, with a list of recommended roof repairs. While roofers can give roof estimates for free, an inspection can cost two hundred dollars or more depending on the area of the country.

Roof Inspection by Qualified Roofer

Roof Inspection Questions

Before property owners schedule a roof inspection, it will be important to understand that there are some questions that need to be asked during the process, to ensure that they are receiving the most out of their roof inspection. These questions include: how old is the roof? What roofing materials were used? Is the roof damaged? Does the roof have enough ventilation? When will the roof need to be replaced? Property owners are advised to ask these questions in order to better understand how they can elongate the life of their current roof.

At Quantum Roofing we work towards experienced artistry of your roof installation and associated repairs. Call our professional roofing contractors at 828-808-5955 to hear dependable information about for your roof inspection in Asheville, NC.