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What is Included in a Roof Inspection?

Roof Inspection on Roof

How Much Does it Cost to Inspect a Roof?

Roof inspections are an essential part of the home-buying process. Roof inspections can give a homeowner or potential buyer the satisfaction of knowing whether or not any repairs are necessary, and what the condition of the roof is. According to some national cost estimates, the average range for a roof inspection is $142 to $213 with an average of $217 being the median cost. Some roofing companies will do a roof inspection for free, however, the cost usually depends on the roofing company.

What Should I Expect from a Roof Inspection?

For residential roof repair, it’s important to first secure a roof inspection. Some of the major parts of a roof inspection circle around what the homeowner or home buyer requests. Usually, a roof inspection will include examining the soffit and fascia, looking at the condition of the gutters and downspouts, evaluating the rooftop vents, and looking for signs of missing roofing material or shingles. The flashing of the roof is always important and should be repaired or replaced whenever damage is evident in that area.

Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

While most people assume that their roof has been properly installed and maintained, new home buyers should absolutely be concerned that this was not the case with their roof. Many homes do not receive the regular roof maintenance necessary to create a long-lasting roof. Because of this, underlying problems never get resolved and can contribute to structural problems and leaks in the home. Every homeowner at one point or another should secure a valued, reputable roofing company in order to ensure that they have the peace of mind of knowing the condition of their roof.

How Long Does it Take to Inspect a Roof?

The usual amount of time that is involved with a roof inspection is usually forty-five minutes. During this time, your roof contractor will likely ascend your roof, and investigate the perimeter of your roof for signs of structural weakness or missing roofing material. He or she will also examine the metal flashing around your chimney vents and other apparatuses because these areas often show signs of leakage when they are penetrated. Sometimes, a roofing inspection takes several hours, depending on how large the roof is, and how substantial the problems are.

What Should I Look for When Inspecting a Roof?

If you are inspecting your roof for possible forms of damage, be they wear and tear, or storm damage, please browse through the following list to help you on your journey.

  • Signs of cracks or peeling away on the sealant around your flashing.
  •  Signs of rust on your metal flashing.
  • Missing shingles.
  • Shingles that are broken, curling, or bald.
  • A missing or deteriorated chimney cap.
  • Masses of moss or any plant growth on the roof.

If any of these signs or symptoms have been witnessed on your roof, your roof is telling you it needs help. Contact a local, reputable roofer in order to get a qualified roof inspection.

Roof Inspection vs Roof Certification

There are some very important differences between a roof inspection and a roof certification. A roof inspection is a report drafted by a roofing company that is written with the intention of addressing any cracked, missing, or aging shingles, loosened roof seams, problematic rain gutters, or troubling signs of roof damage. These reports can include digital photographs and evidence for the homeowner. Roofing certifications are a statement of opinion by a licensed roofer who can stipulate that the roof has a life expectancy of one to three years or more. If there is a need for roof repairs, that will bring down the roofing expectancy one or more years. Both a roof inspection and a roof certification require payment, though depending on the roofing company, the cost will differ.

Roof Inspection Companies

There are many different roofing companies that conduct roof inspections for commercial and residential purposes. It is recommended for property owners to look up a roofer that has excellent credentials, is insured, and has a good reputation. A referral from a friend or neighbor can also be of assistance during this process. For homeowners looking to repair their HVAC system, air duct repair is one option. Air ducts are like the arteries of an air conditioning and cooling system. When one of these ducts or ‘arteries’ becomes damaged, the entire system is impaired. Reviving your HVAC system so that it can appropriately cool or heat your home is important for your energy efficiency, your energy bills, and your household.

Roof Inspection Estimate

A roof inspection and a roof estimate are different. A roof estimate is used to determine the cost of repairs for a specific roof issue. A roof inspection can be used to determine the overall condition of the roof, with a list of recommended roof repairs. While roofers can give roof estimates for free, an inspection can cost two hundred dollars or more depending on the area of the country.

Roof Inspection by Qualified Roofer

Roof Inspection Questions

Before property owners schedule a roof inspection, it will be important to understand that there are some questions that need to be asked during the process, to ensure that they are receiving the most out of their roof inspection. These questions include: how old is the roof? What roofing materials were used? Is the roof damaged? Does the roof have enough ventilation? When will the roof need to be replaced? Property owners are advised to ask these questions in order to better understand how they can elongate the life of their current roof.

At Quantum Roofing we work towards experienced artistry of your roof installation and associated repairs. Call our professional roofing contractors at 828-808-5955 to hear dependable information about for your roof inspection in Asheville, NC. 

Are Skylights Worth It?

Skylights Add Natural Light and Warmth To Your Home.

How much does it cost to have a skylight installed?

Skylights can add beauty to your home and improve your natural lighting. Skylight installation costs will vary depending upon the type of skylight you install. In general the costs range from about $450 to $1,500. Types of skylights include tubular skylights (usually the cheapest), fixed skylights, and vented skylights. You’ll also want to factor in labor and installation costs as well as the cost of any enhancements like blinds or shades.

If you are looking for affordable skylight installation in Asheville, NC, then reach out to the experienced professionals at Quantum Roofing. We offer a full range of skylight installation options for projects of any size.

Do skylights add value to your home?

A skylight installation may be the perfect home improvement to add value to your home, especially if you are thinking about selling it. Home buyers consider skylights a very attractive addition, especially for the added natural light they provide. Potential home buyers also find skylights appealing because they make rooms look larger and feel more luxurious.

Even if you are not selling your home anytime soon, they are still an added value. The extra source of natural light is not only appealing for its attractiveness, skylights improve energy efficiency by keeping the lights shut off during the day. That natural light also gives you added warmth during the winter. Natural light has also been proven to improve your mood.

While natural light can improve your mood, clean drinking water will preserve and improve your health. You can get cleaner water with a water filtration service in your home.

How often do skylights need to be replaced?

With good maintenance, skylights can last anywhere from 12 to 15 years. As they age, especially if they are experiencing frequent leaks, they will need to be replaced. A good option is to replace your skylights when you replace your roof. When skylights are replaced at the same time as the roof, the roof and skylights will fit together better.

Do skylights need planning permission?

Regulations will vary from state to state and county to county for skylight installation permits. Some areas may regulate where the skylights are placed depending on the roof slope and the distance between skylights. Much of the permitting deals with new construction regulations. Check with your local permitting agency to see what the requirements are for skylight installation in your area.

Do roofers install skylights?

Usually, skylight installation is not a do-it-yourself option, although there are videos and tips online that show you how to do the work. Professional roofers are usually needed to install skylights. Skylight cannot be installed randomly on a roof, and a professional roofer will have the knowledge and experience to be able to effectively install a skylight. It takes more effort than just cutting a hole in the roof and putting the skylight. In fact, if a skylight is improperly or poorly installed it can weaken the roof.

Make sure to contact Quantum Roofing for professional skylight installation.

Skylight installation and repair

Besides skylight install, Quantum Roofing also offers affordable skylight repair and replacement services. One of the most common repairs performed are leak repairs, especially as skylights age and weather. Other repairs include cracks and breaks in the glass caused by severe weather such as hail or by overhanging branches that have not been trimmed. Our repair services are exceptional and priced great.

Skylight is leaking

Leaks are a common problem with skylights, especially as they age. Leaks can occur because seals have become brittle and have cracked or flashing around the skylight has become loose or damaged. Leaks may not be immediately evident. Instead of a puddle on the floor, you might have a leak if you are seeing condensation building up on the glass. Condensation is an indication that the skylight is poorly insulated.

Skylight or no skylight

While skylights are especially beneficial for natural lighting and added beauty, not every home is suitable for skylights and skylight installation. That extra light can have its drawbacks. At certain points in the day, a skylight may actually let in too much light causing a glare instead of a relaxing soothing light. Skylights can also cause the rooms below them to get too hot at times or you may lose heat in the winter. Poor insulation can lower energy efficiency and create condensation in the winter. Leaks are also a problem that can make skylights more of a problem than a delight. Many of the problems are minor and can be repaired or averted with proper installation by professionals like those at Quantum Roofing.

Adding a Skylight in a Bathroom Increases Natural Light Without Eliminating Privacy.

Skylight ideas

Skylight installation opens up plenty of design options for your home. Here is a sample list of skylight ideas and great places to place them:

  • Bathroom skylight: Gives your bathroom ample natural lighting with privacy.
  • Living room skylight: Skylights in the living room give off light and warm the space up. The added light makes the room look more spacious.
  • Bedroom skylight: The added light can be more calming and make the bedroom even more restful.
  • Porch skylight: An enclosed porch with a skylight allows you to use the porch at any time of the year.

Improve your home’s natural lighting with a skylight installation in Asheville, NC. Our team of professionals are the experts to call. Schedule services today by calling 828-808-5955.

Can You Repair Cracked Vinyl Siding?

Siding repairs and replacements can be expensive, but they are necessary to protecting the overall condition of your home.

When You Need Home Siding Repair and Installation

Is your home siding looking a little dull? Do you feel like you are repainting or refreshing your siding more often than you should? If you think there is something wrong with your home siding, it may be time to repair or even replace the siding. Before storm season hits, schedule an appointment today with a reliable roofing company, like Quantum Roofing, to perform an inspection. They can look for any indications of damage and even complete quality siding repairs. Call Quantum Roofing today at 828-808-5955 to schedule an appointment for siding repair services inAsheville, NC.

When Should You Replace Siding?

Because of the way it is manufactured, vinyl siding can actually last quite a long time. That being said, life happens and homeowners can face problems with their home siding like dry rot and warping. When this happens, many want to know which is the better repairing or replacing their siding?

That decision ultimately comes down to the overall damage. If there is little damage and the general condition of your home siding is still considered good, then you will only need repairs done. If the damages are more extensive, going further than the top layers of siding, then a full replacement may be in order. When you’re deciding on siding repair, you want a residential roofer who can repair siding efficiently and reliably.  

Dry rot, mildew, and warped paneling are tell-tale indicators that siding repairs are needed.

When Siding Repairs are Necessary

There are many instances when it is obvious that siding repairs need to take place, but there are also many instances when it is not. Home siding can easily get neglected or ignored as time goes on. Doing so, however, can lead to many problems and costly repairs and replacements. Generally speaking, all homeowners should look for signs of needed repairs after any major storm. Anyone can do a quick examination of their home exterior looking for things like:

  • There is dry rot: Dry rotting is a major issue for homeowners. When undetected or neglected, it can result in the need for a complete siding replacement.
  • Continuous repainting: A quality siding installation will hold its shape and color for about 8-10 years. But if you find you are needing to repaint your siding every 5-6 years, it may be time for a siding repair.
  • Warped siding: Siding that is warped or bending can be an indicator of water damage, rot, or more. As a homeowner, doing your own regular checks of the siding is vital in maintaining the longevity of your home siding.
  • Loose or cracked siding: After a major storm, 1-2 panels may become loose or cracked. This is normal, but anything more than that is a sign for concern and should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • Mold, mildew, or fungus: Growths anywhere on the exterior of your home should be dealt with as quickly as possible. It can be an indication of water being held behind the siding panels, causing the growth of mildew and even mold.

Siding Repair or Replace?

At the end of the day, it is the decision of the homeowner whether to repair or replace their home siding. Siding repairs can be costly initially, but they can help save you money in the long run because you won’t have to pay for a complete replacement. That money you save can going towards a water softener installation in Asheville, NC if that is something you have been considering.

But on the flip side, repairs may not be enough to reverse any damage to the home siding and the underlying structure. Whatever your decision is, you can speak with the reliable roofing team at Quantum Roofing about siding repairs in Asheville, NC.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to fix siding on a house?

For an average sized home, clients should expect to pay around $6,800 for vinyl siding replacement. That amount does not include the cost to possibly remove and dispose of the existing siding.

What kind of siding is best?

Vinyl is one of the most well-known and popular siding options because it is low-cost, easy to install, and relatively long-lasting. For more money, homeowners can invest in siding like aluminum, steel, or stucco siding. While these options are more expensive, they can provide more protection and longevity than traditional siding.

Can aluminum siding be repaired?

Depending on the severity of the damage, aluminum siding can absolutely be repaired. But in some instances, repairs may be more costly and time-consuming than actually performing a siding replacement. Speak with a reliable roofing company, like Quantum Roofing if for any questions about your home.

How much does new siding increase home value?

New siding can increase your home value by 78.2%

Contact Quantum Roofing today about home siding repairs.

Contact Quantum Roofing About Home Siding Services

If you are in the market for home siding repair for your Asheville, NC home, you can give Quantum Roofing a call! We are an experienced and reliable roofing team, dedicated to serving our community. To schedule an appointment with one of our roofs, call 828-808-5955 today!

What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Standing Seam Metal Roof, Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Look Good With Any Home

Have you ever noticed that when your shirt gets snagged as you are cleaning around your house that it doesn’t rip? Even if you had turned to do something else and felt it tug hard, it still is able to withstand the pressure. Your shirt’s ability to not rip is due to the strength of the seams that hold your shirt together. These seams are stitched/interlocked together, creating a hardy material that does not give way to pressure. I bet your mouth will drop to the floor if I tell you that you can have a roof that takes advantage of the same principle as your shirt. A Standing Seam Metal Roof is durable and it has more resistance to tearing than the seams in your shirt.

What Does Standing Seam Mean?

Standing Seam refers to the concealed fastener panel system that holds the roof together. It is seamed together, and depending on the type of fastening system, gives the roof extra resistance to tear and helps protect it from storm damage, which is a nightmare for other roofing materials.

Types of Fastener Systems

In order to understand standing seam metal roofs better, it is important to understand the different fastener panel systems. There are four types of fastening panel systems, and some even come with their own sub-types, meaning that they can be broken down into further categories. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry, we have taken the time to go through each of the options with you.


Snap-lock fasteners are built with two legs to create a seam that can be fastened together without the use of mechanical engineering. This is done to keep the installation costs lower than other fastening panel systems, as the amount of time and energy needed to install it is pretty low. It is a hardy seam that can withstand most environments without breaking down. It should be noted that this type of fastening panel system is generally only used for pitched roofs.

Mechanical Lock

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Can Be Used On Industrial Buildings As Well As Residential

A mechanical lock is split between two sub-types, a single lock, and a double lock. Both of these fastener types need mechanical seaming during installation, to ensure that the mechanisms are securely snapped into place. This helps maintain the stability of your roof.

Single Lock only has one fold in its seam, (hence the name). Even though it does not offer the amount of durability as the double lock, it is suitable for milder environments. The advantage of having a single lock is that the installation cost is cheaper and it is generally easier to have repairs done to this type of roof, as it isn’t too hard to undo the lock on the seam.

Double Lock has two seams. (Again, the name helps remind you of this fact.) This type of standing metal seam roof was built to help protect homes that have a low slope. It is ideal for older homes that are in desperate need of extra weather protection. Thanks to the double lock, the seam does not become easily undone, helping them to withstand high winds and debris. The only downside to this is that a double lock standing seam metal roof makes it difficult for roofers to repair, as it takes another jolt of a machine to undo the locks. This makes the cost of labor a bit higher.

Batten Panel

Batten panels are locking mechanisms that are reinforced with caps to shield them from inclement weather. There are two different types of caps that are dependent on what type of environment your home is in.

Tee Seam is watertight as installers mechanically press them into place. A sealant is used to give them more resistance to driving rain and wind, making them more suitable to harsher environments. The caps can easily be removed allowing for the roofers to replace broken or damaged panels that need to be replaced without much hassle. This helps keep the cost of repairs down.

Snap Cap is snapped into place by hand as opposed to a machine. This lowers the cost of installation and the snap cap looks good on any roof. The only downside to the snap cap is that in extreme environments, the cap can become loose and slide off, leaving your roof exposed to the elements. This type of roof is more efficient in a milder environment.

Nail Flange

This is the most recognizable type of fastener panels for residential use as they have the lowest installation cost. This low cost does come at a price, as they tend to fail under intense weather. An area that experiences dramatic changes in temperature should be especially wary, as the pins to allow the metal to expand and contract easily. This could lead to damage to the pin, the fastener, or the panels.

Standing Seam Over Shingles

Standing seam metal roofs are more stable than shingles and last a whole lot longer. On average, a shingle roof will last a homeowner between 15-25 years, depending on the type of roof. A standing seam metal roof, on the other hand, can live up to 50 years old, or longer, depending on wear and how well it was maintained.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Are Watertight and Durable.

The benefits of having a standing seam metal roof highly outweigh the cost of installation. They are watertight, help with insulation which keeps your energy bills low, they are not as hard to maintain, have a long life-span, and they provide all the hardiness of metal but with added security with the fastener system.

If you are looking to have a standing seam metal roof installed in your home and you are located in Asheville, NC, then contact your expert roofing team at Quantum Roofing, by calling 828-808-5955 for your free estimate.

Commonly Asked Questions

Still, have more questions about standing seam metal roof installation?

Check out these most commonly asked questions below.

  1. Are Standing Seam Metal Roofs Noisy?
    1. As with all metal roofs, rain tapping on the metal panels can be a bit noisy, but not as noisy as a broken garbage disposal. This can be combatted with some added insulation or padding underneath the roof installation.
  2. What Is The Most Common Metal Roof?
    1. A galvanized metal roof is the most commonly used metal roof.
  3. How Much Does It Cost To Install A Standing Seam Metal Roof?
    1. Depending on the fastener panel you decide to install on your roof, the price could be anywhere from $800-1,250 per square.

Dealing With Storm Damage Throughout Your Home

As a homeowner, you may not where to begin when your home has storm damage. Through insurance claims, material lists, and contractors, you may even feel like your head is spinning a bit. Keeping calm and accurately assessing your damage is the key to getting your life back to normal fast. But, how do you know if you have roof damage? What other parts of the home should be checked? These are both common questions of homeowners who have recently experienced home damage.

Fallen Tree on Home

Storms Can Damage Your Home in Multiple Ways, From Wind Damage to Falling Debris. Call Our Experts for Help.

Will Insurance Replace My Roof? What About Other Home Damages?

The fact is, homes are damaged every day. Whether or not your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage depends heavily on how well your home was maintained prior to the storm. This means that a claims adjuster will visit your property to find out which damages are new, which are old, and whether your home has been properly maintained. For this reason, regularly scheduled home maintenance is imperative.

Your Roofing System

The main home component damaged in storms today is the roofing system. Shingles are easily damaged in wind and heavy rains, and often need extensive repair after severe hail. After a serious storm, it’s a good idea to inspect your entire roofing system to ensure that there are no damages. Perform a roof leak check throughout the material by spraying the surface with a water hose. While the hose is spraying water, check the attic for moisture, drips, and any other signs of new water entering the home. Also, check for water damage within the walls of your home to decipher between a roof leak or pipe leak. Without seasonal maintenance, pipes can burst within walls, causing large damage. However, a pipe leak will not produce water damage in the attic.

Can Roof Leaks be Fixed?

Roof Leak Evidence in Home

Roof Leaks Often Show Signs on the Ceiling and Upper Walls.

Depending on the severity of the leak, most roof leaks are able to be repaired by a roofing professional. These repairs may include:

  • Resealing Flashing, Seams, and Joints
  • Replacing Missing or Damaged Material
  • Repairing the Undersheeting

However, roof leaks progress quickly. If not repaired in a timely manner, your small roof leak may turn into a big problem. Water easily seeps into damaged areas of your roof and begin to damage under areas like structural beams, insulation, and even walls and flooring. Once water has seeped into your underlayment, there is a good chance that it will need to be replaced which will involve removing all material from your roof.

Will Roof Leaks Cause Mold?

Roof leaks, left unrepaired, can lead to mold. This can create problems not only with air quality in your home but can also cause structural and wall damage to your home that can be very costly to repair. Because of the threat of mold in your home, roof leaks should be repaired quickly and efficiently.

How Long Do You Have to File an Insurance Claim After a Storm?

While every insurance provider sets its own time limit, most claims must be filed within 12-24 months. This is to protect the insurance provider from servicing multiple claims at once and additional damages caused by untimely repair.

The amount that your insurance policy will cover also depends on the damages compared to the condition of the roof. For example, if your roof is only a year old and is completely damaged, it’s likely you will receive enough for a whole new roof. However, if your roof is 14 years old and has had very little maintenance before it was destroyed by the storm, you may only receive half the cost of a new roof- the depreciated value of your roofing system. Check your homeowner’s policy carefully for regulations and guidance on this factor.

How Does Wind Damage a Roof?

Wind is one of the biggest hazards for roof systems. Because of how roof material is attached to your home, hard winds are sometimes able to penetrate the underlayer, causing the material to tear, protective asphalt to fall off, or the material to detach entirely. This is why roofs are “blown away” in windy conditions. While they are not actually blown away, some material may be blown off.

Other Post Storm Home Problems

Hail Damage on a Home With Siding

Hail Can Seriously Damage Your Home’s Siding.

Along with your roofing system, many other problems can arise from a storm, although typically not as severe as roof damage. Still, it’s important to assess the damage throughout your home’s exterior to ensure that all of your systems and components are functioning properly. After a severe storm, inspect these areas:

  • Siding: Wind, hail, and even heavy rain can bend, dent, and otherwise damage your siding. Check for holes, dents, and seam damages.
  • A/C Compressor: Your A/C compressor could be damaged in a storm by falling debris or heavy hail. Check for fan hindrances and denting around the vent cage.
  • Fencing: Fencing can be damaged in storms by heavy winds and hail as well. Check for leaning, denting, and dirt separation.
  • Skylights: These above-head windows can develop leaks and other problems from hail and heavy rain. Inspect your skylight for seam damage and signs of cracking.

When a storm hits your Asheville, NC home, you need a repair team with the knowledge and know-how to guide you through each process. If you need home repair or roof storm damage repair in the Asheville, NC area, call the Quantum Roofing experts at 828-808-5955 to schedule your appointment. We provide the service you need to get your home back to normal fast.

Taking Care of Your Rain Gutters

Severely Corroded and Clogged Rain Gutters

Your Rain Gutters Play a Key Role in Protecting Your Foundation!

It’s easy to forget about your rain gutters. As they hang their from your home’s fascia board, it may feel like an insignificant part of your roofing system. However, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Here’s why!

What Damage Can a Leaking Gutter Cause?

You’d be amazed by the damage that broken gutters can inflict on your home! Clogged or leaky gutters can slosh water against your fascia board, speeding corrosion and potentially causing wood rot. Particularly bad scenarios could have water splashing into your attic and causing mold and/or mildew growth. Nobody wants that!

An even more dangerous side effect could occur if water continually pours around the base of your home. This influx of moisture can cause the soil around your concrete slab to expand and crack your foundation. That’s the primary outcome your gutters are designed to prevent, and why prompt repairs are so important.

How to Patch Minor Sectional Problems

The great news is you can easily repair any minor damages to your gutters. All you need is some roofing cement and a little metal flashing (for larger holes). Any tiny holes in your gutters can be mended with your cement. Simply apply it to the holes and feather it out to prevent steep edges. If you need to apply a piece of galvanized metal flashing for a larger hole, make sure it’s the same type of metal as your rain gutters.

Need to Schedule Gutter Repair?

Do your gutters need professional maintenance? Call 828-808-5955 and talk with one of our specialists about scheduling gutter repairs in Asheville, NC or any surrounding cities. We can also help you install a new gutter system from any of the popular materials available on the market, including:

  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Galvanized Steel

We’d be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have!


Getting a Roof Inspection Before You Sell: Is It a Good Idea?

Roof Inspection

A Roof Inspection Should Be Done Once a Year.

Getting a roof inspection is never a bad idea. If you haven’t gotten one in a while, it may be time to do so, especially if you are about to sell your home. The reason for this is because if you go into selling your home with full disclosure that your roof is up to date and doesn’t have any issues, that is one less thing that you have to worry about falling through if you go into escrow. Often times, people think their home is just about sold and then get smacked with a pullback from buyers because there are problems with the roof. While you are in the midst of getting your roof inspected, you may want to look in and see if you need anything else done like a heater repair or HVAC checkup. If you know about these problems ahead of time you can get them fixed, or be upfront with the buyer that if they buy this home, that they will have to deal with these issues.

What An Inspection Looks For?

Hail Damage – You may not even know you have hail damage on your roof until you have an inspector come out and take a look. Usually, insurance will cover the cost to fix this so you can rest assured that if you find it, it can be fixed rather quickly.

Age – You may not even know how old your roof really is and in this case, it is good to have it checked in on to make sure it is not time for a replacement.

Repairs – If you need a small roof repair to avoid later issues like water damage, this is a great way to catch it in time.

Gutter Issues – Gutters often get overlooked, but they play a very important role in the health of your home. Getting them checked out is never a bad idea.

If you are ready and in need of a roof inspection in Asheville, NC, call Quantum Roofing at 828-808-5955 and let us help you.

What Kind Of Damage Can a Roof Leak Do?

Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks Can Cause This To Happen To Your Roof.

A roof leak can happen on your roof at any time. You may not know that you have damage on your roof or that there is any possibility of a leak at all. When you end up with a leak in your roof, you may or may not notice for awhile, it really depends on a few things: how bad the damage is and where it is located. If the leak is over the top of the attic, you may not see it for a while, but just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean that major damage isn’t happening. One thing that can potentially happen is that you HVAC system is up in your attic and a water leak begins to drop water onto that. With enough water damage, you could not only have a roof problem on your hands, but you could have a plumbing/HVAC problem as well. Roof leaks can cause damage to your drywall and end up creating mold that may spread over your roof. A leak is something that will need to be taken care of as soon as possible or the damage will grow. It is something that will only cause more damage and spread all over your roof and into your home. If you have a roof leak in Asheville, NC, that needs to be taken care of, give us a call at 828-808-5955.

How To Prevent a Roof Leak

The best way to prevent a roof leak is to make sure that you have a roof inspection done. By having an inspection done, you can catch a roof leak in the beginning stages or prevent one from happening altogether. Roofing experts will be able to check out your roof and see if shingles are missing or loose and get them repaired. Once there is damage to the structure of your roof, the entire area around it becomes weakened. You will need to pay extra attention, especially during rainy seasons to damage on your roof. Once you have water damage, it can be a pain to find where it is coming from and get it all under control if it is bad enough.

Quality Roof Leak Specialists

The caring and keeping of your roofing system is very important and can be helped when you call Quantum Roofing to take care of it for you. When you have a roof leak in Asheville, NC, call us at 828-808-5955 and let our experts take care of it for you.

Consider Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles Are Thicker For Better Protection.

Your roof is one thing that you probably don’t think about often. You assume that the shingles on your home will keep you protected and be able to withstand the amount of time they were said to. The problem is, some roofing materials were not built to withstand heavy weather or hail. If the hail is big enough or persistent enough, it can cause real damage to your roof. The problem arises when hail happens on a regular basis. If it is happening often and you are getting repairs done regularly, you are wasting valuable time and money. There are special roofing materials that can be put on your roof to keep it protected from this type of problem. Below are a few pros to impact resistant shingles.

Why Choose These Shingles

Hail Is Brutal – If you have ever experienced a hail storm, whether it left damage or not, you can see how this could potentially cause a major issue. Hail can leave large dents in your roof that will end up needing to be repaired.

Expensive – You may have to pay for this yourself or go through an insurance company, but if you are regularly having to make those repairs, the price can add up. Impact resistant shingles are thicker and will be able to withstand these kinds of incidents and save you money in repair costs in the long run.

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Signs You Need a New Shingle Roof

New Shingle Roof

Damaged and Missing Shingles Create the Need for a New Shingle Roof.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing solution in the country. When you consider their affordability and relative resilience, this makes perfect sense. For a low price, you can have a quality, attractive roof that can last up to 20 years. The day will come, however, when you need to replace your shingle roof. A number of issues can create the need for a new shingle roof, so pay attention to a few indicative problems.

Missing Shingles

A roof that has lost a great deal of shingles has become heavily compromised. Rain will freely create leaks, while wind can get beneath existing shingles to rip even more from your roof. A few missing shingles here and there can simply get replaced. If you have many missing shingles, however, contact a trusted local roofer to inquire about a new system.

Damaged Shingles

Just like missing shingles, damaged shingles leave your roof highly vulnerable to rain. Shingles generally are damaged due to high winds and hail. If you ignore your repair needs, then you leave your roof susceptible to major damage and failure with the next big storm. Types of damage generally displayed on shingles include cracks, curling, and blackened areas from the impact of hail.

Old Age

Old age represents the standard reason for roof replacement. Once your roof passes lifespan milestones like 15 or 20 years, you simply cannot trust its continued endurance. Even if the roof appears fine, a major storm could take advantage of hidden damage and wear to inflict catastrophic damage.

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