Unsurpassed Roofing Services in North and South Carolina

When you call the professional roofing contractors at Quantum Roofing, you can be sure you’re receiving the ultimate service for your roof. Our local roofers are skilled and experienced in every type of roofing material to ensure a complete installation, repair, or replacement, every time. For unsurpassed roofing service at a price that you can afford, call 828-808-5955 to schedule your appointment with a master roofer in the Arden, NC, or Greenville, SC, areas.

Residential Roof Repair

Your roof is the cornerstone of protection for your home. Don’t let repairs go uncompleted. Call our professional residential roofing contractors to complete your roof repairs quickly and comprehensively. We will inspect your roofing system and provide realistic repair options for every budget. Our team will discuss your material choices, delivering details about cost, benefits, and performance, to ensure you can make an informed decision for your home and family. For a knowledgeable roofer in Arden, NC, who can provide quick, reliable service, call 828-808-5955 today.

  • Residential Roof Repairs in Fletcher, NC, courtesy of Quantum RoofingRoof Repair Find out how our expert roofing team can complete your roof repairs quickly, efficiently, and without breaking your bank.
  • Roof Leak Repairs in Taylors, South Carolina Courtesy of North CarolinaRoof Leak Repair Roof leaks can cause great damage when not repaired properly. Ensure comprehensive repairs that last when you call our professionals.
  • Hail Damage Found on a Residential Home in Asheville, North Carolina. Inspection Done By Quantum Roofing.Hail Damage Repair Our expert roofers will perform a thorough inspection to find easily spotted as well as hidden roof damage to ensure a complete repair.
  • Wind Damage Found on a Residential Home in Weaverville, North Carolina. Inspection done by Quantum Roofing.Wind Damage Repair Wind damage can cause torn, ripped, or missing material that leads to leaks, unwanted guests, and more. Our experts can repair your wind damage fast.

Residential Roof Installation and Roof Replacements

Inevitably, you will have to get a new roof at some point. Whether you are building a home and it’s your first roof or your home’s roof needs to be replaced, our professionals can guide you through the process to ensure you’re always satisfied with the end result. Our experienced technicians can provide guidance on materials and timeframes so you know exactly what to expect at all times. Whether you need asphalt shingle replacement or you want wood shake shingle installation, our experienced roofing experts have the know-how and skill to provide flawless installation, every time. For an immaculate roof installation throughout Arden, NC, call our roofing professionals at 828-808-5955.

  • Residential Roof Replacement in Brevard, NC, courtesy of Quantum RoofingRoof Installation & Replacement Our expert roofing team can perform your roofing installation or replacement quickly and conveniently, providing the perfect roof for your home.
  • Residential Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement in Hendersonville, NC, courtesy of Quantum Roofing.Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement When your shingles have had enough, call our technicians for guidance on replacement options as well as impeccable project completion that you will be proud of.
  • Metal Roof Replacement in Asheville, NC, courtesy of Quantum Roofing.Metal Roofing Installation As one of the fastest-growing roofing solutions, metal provides outstanding advantages. Find out how metal can benefit your home, and whether it’s right for you.
  • Residential Roof Replacement in Arden, NC, courtesy of Quantum RoofingRoof Insurance Claims Help When your roof has been damaged by natural causes, your insurance may cover replacement. Our experts will help navigate you through the claims procedure to get yours processed quickly.

Metal Roofing Options

Metal Roofing Options in North and South Carolina

As the fastest-growing roofing choice in the U.S., metal roofs can offer substantial benefits, including Weather resistance, UV protection, mold, mildew, and rot elimination. Metal roofs also provide protection from water ponding and offer low to no maintenance systems. For the ultimate protection for your home, metal roofing may be your ideal material.

  • Standing Seam Metal This roof solution provides outstanding protection from the elements while offering UV resistance. Find out more about the benefits of this type of roofing.
  • Corrugated Metal Not just for barns anymore, this metal solution can provide a unique look while offering all the protection of metal roofing.
  • Metal Shingle Modern innovations have led to metal roof choices that offer the appearance of premium materials with superior durability and longevity of metal.

Premium Roofing Styles

Premium Roofing Styles For North and South Carolina

When you want more than your typical asphalt shingle roof, we can provide premium options that offer longevity, durability, and affordability. Our experts can provide detailed information on each roofing solution choice and superior and convenient installation of your selection for a roof you can be proud of for years. Call us today at 828-808-5955 to discuss your roofing options.

  • Impact Resistant Shingles Get the traditional look of shingles with extra protection with these ultra-durable reinforced shingle options.
  • 3-tab Composition Shingles As the most popular roofing solution in the U.S., these shingles combine protection and affordability. Find out if they’re right for your home.
  • Wood Shake Shingle For the ultimate in style, elegance, and old-world aesthetics, a wood shake shingle solution may be ideal for your roof.
  • Architectural Shingles When you want the traditional style of shingles with a touch of dimension and style, architectural shingles may be what you’re looking for.
  • Synthetic Shingles Today’s roofing solutions are available in both natural and man-made materials. Find out the benefits of synthetic roofing solutions and how they can help you.
  • Synthetic Slate For the look of natural slate without the extreme expense, synthetic slate is a perfect choice. Learn about how this material can last years with little maintenance.
  • Synthetic Wood Get the appearance of natural wood without the hassle of unwanted maintenance, mold, or pests with innovative synthetic wood solutions.
  • Synthetic Tile Tile roofs are heavy and easily broken when walked on. Circumvent these issues by installing synthetic tile on your roof instead.

Secondary Roof System Repair

Secondary Roof System Repair

The secondary components of your roofing system are vital to its longevity and effectiveness. Ensure that all of your roofing elements are functioning properly and efficiently for the ultimate home protection. Our professionals will perform a comprehensive inspection to locate and diagnose any weak points or damage to ensure your home is fully protected at all times.

  • Soffit & Fascia Roof Repair et professional repair for your soffit and fascia boards to protect your gutter system and your roofing from mold, mildew, rot, and more.
  • Rain Gutter Install & Repair Let our professionals get your gutters back in optimal condition to protect your home from flooding, washout, and foundation damage.
  • Skylight Repair & Replacement Keep your skylights leak and crack-free with our premier skylight installation, repair, and replacement services.
  • Siding Repair Protect your home from the elements with comprehensive siding repair completed by our experienced professionals.